Montemar 2010 Harmonia red blend

Curico Valley, Chile
produced and bottled by Aresti Chile Wine, Ltd.
35% Syrah, 35% Malbec, 30% Cabernet Franc; 13.5% ABV
$3 at the Richmond, CA, store on 12 Sept

Montemar_2010_HarmoniaI was a bit worried about this wine for a while.  The nose and palate had a strong sulfur / green bell pepper component, and the flavors of red cherry, redder boysenberry, and black raspberry clashed a bit.  But the flavors and the wine overall integrated surprisingly well after about 80 minutes in the glass.  The sulfur almost completely went away and the smaller amount of bell pepper was almost fruity.  Particularly for the price, I give this wine, on the lighter end of full-bodied, a big Thumbs Up.

The second half of this wine, stored a day in a 375ml bottle with a stopper and very little air, was more forward and perhaps more abrasive, but otherwise much the same.    There are also a Montemar 2010 Syrah and a Montemar 2010 Carmenérè for the same price.


2 thoughts on “Montemar 2010 Harmonia red blend

  1. GOWineLover

    Agreed 100%. Happy to see this as I bought tonight, played a gig, and this review was up when I returned. It is too late for me to stay up for 80mins but I see no reason for this to get better with some air. This is like someone you are attracted to with a pretty face and great personality whose slightly larger physical build and slight roughness around the edges is a bit more than you’d like but you stick it out and are rewarded. Oh, and he/she is a cheap date! As good a wine at $2.99 as I have seen in GO in a long time and very emblematic of Chilean expectations for this type of wine. Not everything you might want but plenty of what you do.


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