Montemar 2010 Carmenérè

Curico Valley, Chile; 13.5% ABV
produced and bottled by Aresti Chile Wine, Ltd.
$3 at the Richmond, CA, store on 12 Sept

Montemar_2010_CarmenereMuch like the Montemar 2010 Harmonia blend, this wine is very good for the very low price.  In fact, I thought it was excellent, quite tasty and lacking what I thought were the flaws of the Harmonia.

This wine also needed about 90 minutes in a decanter to really open up, showing ripe, smooth, balanced, and nicely structured flavors of cherry and boysenberry / blackberry, with only a little of the typical Carmenérè tar / creosote and raspberry liqueur.  Really, it was very nearly like a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a darn good one for $3.

The second half, saved in a 375ml bottle stoppered with very little air, was even better.  The fruit was darker, more forward, and more complex: tarry blackberry, dark plum, black raspberry, creosote, earth / prune, still balanced with a sharp red raspberry finish.  Amazing for $3.



9 thoughts on “Montemar 2010 Carmenérè

  1. EHL

    Opened another bottle of this watching a nice, muted sunset over San Francisco today.

    It’s drinking beautifully…..from opening and onward.

    The nose, unlike prior bottles, exhibited a noticeable barnyard funk, which was not unpleasant, just unexpected, along with aromatic notes of blackberry and spice.

    The wine tasted great……balanced dark fruit with nice acidity and supple tannins.

    It is hard to believe you can get so much pleasure and quality from a bottle costing less than $3…..I mean just exactly what can you get for three bucks nowadays in these inflationary times…..LOL.

    Although I picked up several bottles earlier, I wish I had picked up a case or more……

  2. seedboy

    I generally stay away from this variety, and from Chilean reds in general. However I decided to give this one a try. It really needs air. A day old bottle was pleasant, with smoky red fruit and just a bit of that green quality so common in Chilean reds.

      1. jwc

        I tried this also, last night with a Carlton Farms grilled pork tenderloin (Carlton Farms pork is incredible, local producer here) Anyhow, I thought it was enjoyable, I did not give it a lot of air, which is mostly likely why I wasn’t gaga about it. Nice fruits, balance of tannin and acid.
        Totally quaffable, just no Wow factor. Will pick up a couple more, and let breathe or decant for a couple hours. Do have a couple glasses left over, and will see how the bottle has improved tonight. Good value in Portland at $4. Guessing it retails for $10-$12.

          1. EHL

            I tried the Carmenere earlier and found it quite enjoyable…..I agree with BW that it really does taste like a nice balanced Cab and exhibits that herbaceous element like the Stellenbosch RLT Cabs, but the Chilean wine is lighter in body. Very nice bottle for $2.99 and I picked up several more a while back.

            While the Carmenere is presently all gone at the Oakland GO, they do still have the Syrah from Montemar for $4……and I tried that also. Like its brethren, the Syrah is also medium-bodied, not dark and ponderous, and exhibits a lively, smooth and balanced character, with a nicely-dry finish.

            Both wines improved over the three days I consumed them……standing alone and with food……nice buy for the money!


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