L’ Isola dei Profumi 2012 Catarratto – Grecanico

Terre Siciliane IGT, Italy
60% Catarrato, 40% Grecanico; 12% ABV
$5 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 17 Sept

LIsolaDeiProfumi_2012_CatarGrecThis wine was very interesting!  On the first night, I thought it was drinkable at best.  It seemed to have just rather basic flavors of pear and green apple candy, with perhaps some aspirin.

On the second night, however, it was really pretty good, showing nicely balanced and integrated yellow fruit with a tinge of green: flowers, apple, pear, melon, grapefruit, creamy vanilla.

On the third night, to my astonishment, it was positively graceful, with the fruit smooth and supple, delicately but well flavored, with nice medium body.

This well balanced wine was not at all what I expected of a Sicilian white.  I thought it might be very ripe, maybe even flabby (too little acid).  However, I just noticed that one of the grapes, Grecanico, is the same as the Garganega in whites from the Veneto area (for example) in northeast Italy.  It does indeed seem a little familiar now.  Anyway… Thumbs Up!


6 thoughts on “L’ Isola dei Profumi 2012 Catarratto – Grecanico

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    I found a bottle of this in the back of the fridge, where it had evidently been for some time, and opened it recently. While it interestingly followed the same pattern of being best on the third day, it was far more simple and dull than it had been, although still not bad.

  2. editgrl

    I had forgotten I had picked this up at the sale, but I was scrounging around for an inexpensive white in my rack and there it was. I have to agree… the wine on day three is astoundingly better than on day one. I thought it was rather nondescript the first night, barely deserving of the term “serviceable.” Last night, I found it only slightly more interesting. But tonight, it seems to have blossomed, bursting with melon and green apple and a nice silky body. Dare I wait til day four?

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi editgrl. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad to hear you found the same thing. I have another bottle, but I keep not drinking it because who can say they’ll want a particular wine two days in advance? 🙂 My first bottle did not make it to day four, but if yours does, I’ll be interested to hear about how you liked it.

    2. Seedboy

      Right now, if I see a wine I know little about, I’m pretty likely to buy it if it is an Italian or French white.

      1. Darrell

        SB, maybe I can entice you with a 2009 Pollywog Lake County Chard. $1.99, 2010 bottle is $2.99. Going to try the 2009 soon and also at the same store, I picked up for reevaluation another bottle of Michaud Touraine that you liked and I didn’t.


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