2000 Forestville Alexander Valley Sonoma Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $3.99

Silverdale, WA    12.5% alc.    (Purchased on 9/20/14 & 9/25/14)

IMG_1754The bottle purchased on 9/20 was corked, so I returned it for another bottle on 9/25.  Here is what I found in the second bottle: Opaque deep garnet with a mostly pinkish rim showing just a slight hint of brick color.  The nose is loaded with cedar, some menthol and dark berry fruit.  In the mouth, it’s smooth in texture with some tannins still remaining to give it richness, but it’s really an elegantly styled Cab (as the back label suggests) that’s well-balanced, showing nice varietal cherry/berry fruit, black coffee and licorice, well-integrated oak and smooth texture and roundness.  Actually, it’s quite astonishing for 14 years old and now $4.00 a bottle.  I expect that it wasn’t all that pricey on release either.  I recently tasted some very expensive Cabs from my cellar that were around the same age that didn’t taste nearly this good!

Here is a link to Cellar Tracker with some notes from the “community” that aren’t all that different from mine.  Pretty tasty Cab for very little money.  Thank you, GO!!


3 thoughts on “2000 Forestville Alexander Valley Sonoma Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $3.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    This may seem obvious, but this wine is not for cellaring. GO and who knows who else has done that for you. If you find it and buy it…drink it now! The remainder of my open bottle was noticeably different two days later…and while still drinking just fine, not really for the better. Also be aware that there is some very fine sediment at the bottom, so careful with your last pour…it could be slightly “sandy”.

  2. Charles Munn

    I’ve never found a bad cork, but then I rarely get to sip a 14 year old wine. Still, one never knows, only last week Wife & i were lucky enough, among other older wines, to help finish off a bottle of Margaux 1982, YUMMY! But I digress, would you please describe a “corked” wine bottle? Also, because of your Magical World of Wine, on Fri, the 26th, I drove up from our home on Fox Island to Silverdale, checked out Grocery Outlet,(found some delightful folks who work there, as well as some nice shoppers!) bought a couple of cases of various wines, including a few bottles of the Forest Ville Cab 2000. I like it, but not nearly as well as a Sageland cab, 2011 ($8.00), a 2011 Coppola Claret @ about ($14.00). or Wife’s favorite, a William Henry Riesling by Naked Wines, Calif. ($8.00). Wife & I are taking a couple of bottles of G.O’s Forest Ville Cab 2000, & a couple of other wines, to a dinner party tonight so I hope they like it! (The same folks who furnished the Margaux 1982 will also be there!)
    `Looking forward to your next venture into Magical Wines,

    1. lim13 Post author

      Welcome to Comments, Charles…or (pardon me) have you commented before, but just not lately? ’82 Margaux, eh? Lucky guy. Margaux is a wine I haven’t been fortunate to have in many, many years…but ’82! A very nice vintage indeed. Corked wines (or cork taint) will generally smell like a very old, damp, musty basement…caused by an chemical compounds within the cork. Please check out this link. I’m glad you enjoy the Sagelands Cab and Coppola Claret, but comparing a couple of 2011 wines with one that’s 14 years old is “apples and oranges”…not the same creature.

      Stan, the wine guy at the Silverdale GO is a great guy and probably tired of me bending his ear. But he always has good information for me about what wines he’s getting…and usually has a few general wine questions for me too. He even mentioned to me that a customer was in who said he reads our blog…and bought a bunch of wine. I suspect that may have been you, Charles. Please be sure to let us know how the Forestville went over at the dinner party. And let’s hear more from you!


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