2011 Tin Roof Lodi Zinfandel, CA $4.99

Silverdale, WA    13.5% alc.    (Purchased on 9/20/14)

IMG_1755Clear pale ruby.  When first opened and poured, it showed sulfury, rotten egg aromas.  In an hour’s time some of that blew off, but revealed a green, earthy, stemmy bouquet.  In the mouth it’s acidic and tannic with a real bite and very unusual earthy, mushroomy unattractive flavors of tire rubber and a sort of chemical-like quality.  In honesty, there is a strong black pepper flavor that slowly emerges, but that doesn’t save the wine for me.  Out of balance with little fruit and lacking texture, this Zin is totally unappealing to me and will be returned to GO on my next visit.  It’s a real shame because I really liked the package with its tin roof looking Stelvin closure.  But in this case, the exterior is far more alluring than the “interior”.  I’m giving this wine a “Drinkable” rating, but I’ve got one foot over the “Thumbs Down” line.


6 thoughts on “2011 Tin Roof Lodi Zinfandel, CA $4.99

  1. Guest

    My notes show a 2006 Tin Roof Merlot purchased in Sept 2011. I try to include the AVA when one is given and my notes show only California so perhaps the AVA was not given.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Another note taker…I like it! Thanks for the info, Guest. It could well be that the designation was just “California” too…something we see a lot at GO. Which means the grapes for the Merlot could have come from anywhere in the state.

  2. EHL

    Hey Lim,

    I picked up a bottle of this Zin a few weeks back, mainly because I had tried a Tin Roof Merlot a couple of years ago that was quite a fine little wine for $3.99, leading me to return and buy out the dwindling stock at the Berkeley GO.

    Unfortunately, this Tin Roof offering was not of the same quality…….and I totally agree with your negative assessment, although I found the Zin to be just drinkable, however not memorable and kind of disappointing……..despite the stylish packaging.

    Would definitely not buy again.

      1. EHL

        Sorry Lim…….back then I didn’t pay close enough attention to such details…….amateur hour……..but I am learning……..LOL!

        1. lim13 Post author

          No problem…just curious. As I’m sure you know now…different varieties grown in different locations/climates produce very different wines.


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