2011 Avery Lane Columbia Valley Chardonnay, WA $5.99

Silverdale, WA    13.6% alc.    (Purchased on 9/24/14)

Back label says it’s made in Walla Walla…another Precept Brands wine?  Couldn’t find much on line and it wasn’t listed as a brand on the Precept site.

IMG_1770Really beautiful, vibrant, almost luminescent green/golden color.  Nose is distinctly Chardonnay with tropical notes and subtle oak aromas.  In the mouth, it’s more in-your-face tropical qualities; banana, pineapple and light lemony citrus and a light dose of toasty oak.  Could use a touch more acidity for me, but it’s really not bad.  Only detractors for me are a little alcoholly burn and a slight bitterness in the finish.  Reminds me of some of the more current releases of the now inexpensive Edna Valley Vineyards Chard…but at half the price.  A serviceable everyday Chardonnay.

BW and I got a real kick out of what reader flitcraft had to say about Avery Lane: “…used to be a Precept brand, but it died a few years back.  They had a red blend that the local grocery stores used to sell for $3.99 that was quite drinkable, especially when bought by the case with an additional discount. It was our house cheap red before I discovered Grocery Outlet. (Our high school aged daughter used to call anything cheap but serviceable by that name, as in “I scored an Avery Lane sweater at the Gap today” or “It’s an Avery Lane level luncheonette.).”  Guess you could say I “scored” an Avery Lane Chardonnay!


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