Remarkable Lot 11 Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir 2007

2007 Remarkable Lot 11, Santa Barbara County, Pinot Noir
$9.99 Corvallis, OR  Oct. 1, 2014  13.5% ABV
Produced and Bottled by Brophy Clark Cellars 

Remarkable_2007_PinotNoirI’m not exactly sure where the Remarkable wines fall in the Brophy Clark lineup.  They aren’t listed on their website, so it’s possible that they are excess from a vintage; bottled under a different label.  However, that’s just conjecture.  I know that there are a number of producers that either sell their overflow to a 3rd party or sell the wine itself under a different label at a lesser price.  Some sell off wines that they do not feel meet their criteria (or won’t get the ratings they want) or bottle them again, under a different label.  In any case, information online is rather nil, except for BargainWhine’s previous post about their 2008 Lot 74 Pinot Noir.*

Regardless, this is a nice Pinot Noir and I was happy to have picked it up, after my string of bad luck with PN lately.

Held up to the light, it is a perfect ruby red garnet color…not dark but translucent and firing off highlights as the light passed through.  So far, so good!  Fragrance was a bit fruity (again, pleasant) with a hint of earthy undertone.  Another win.

Tastewise: it wasn’t perfectly integrated upon opening.  I didn’t decant, since it’s an older PN. Surprisingly there was quite a bit of alcohol heat upon opening.  At 13.5%, I wasn’t expecting it, so we let it sit for a couple of hours (again, I was surprised it took so long to mellow).  After the air, the heat tapered off and the wine was much more balanced.  We enjoyed a nice smooth mouthfeel; tasting cherry, raspberry and a bit of mushroom-y loam with a hint of vanilla in the background.

I’d still call this a new world Pinot Noir.  It’s more fruit forward than subtle and tastes hotter, alcohol-wise, than the traditional style.   It paired quite nicely with smoked pork loin and mushrooms. Price-wise, at $9.99, I might wait until the wine sale, but I would buy this again.  I’ve purchased similar Santa Barbara Pinot Noir For $20 so it’s not an exceptional bargain. However, it’s decent wine that I would serve to company without hesitation.

*Interestingly enough, I waited until after I’d written my review, to read BargainWhine’s review on the Lot 74, 2008.  I see that he had a similar experience upon initial opening, with it tasting “rough and acid” but mellowing over time.  Ours did not last until day two.  It would be interesting to see if there were similar results (I suspect there will be) with the wine smoothing out even more by then.  I honestly think this wine has a few more years to hold its own without disappointing.


2 thoughts on “Remarkable Lot 11 Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir 2007

  1. permiesworld Post author

    You know Lim13, after reading your review on the Brophy Clarke Pinot Noir, I see many similarities. It must be a style they like. (Heavier alcohol content and needing more air time than I’m used to, for pinot noir.) But after it’s open for a while, it really works. I nearly picked up another of the Remarkable even though I have zero space right now for more wine.

  2. lim13

    FYI…Though it was younger and from the more specific AVA (Santa Rita Hills), I reviewed the 2010 Brophy Clarke Pinot Noir back in April 2013 here.


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