2010 Terre Davino Piemonte Barbera, Italy $3.99

Silverdale, WA    12.5% alc.    (Purchased on 9/24/14)

IMG_1772Piemonte DOC   Clear medium burgundy/ruby color.  Somewhat typical earthy, mushroomy, terroir-based aromas with hints of fresh-ground black pepper.  On the palate, there’s more of the same along with dried cherry and perhaps a little leather.  The black pepper is far more pronounced in the flavors.  A slightly sweet fruitiness comes through in the finish.  Tannins are firm, but not big…and provide texture.  Decent acidity rounds out the overall impression.

While it’s flavorful and balanced, it’s just not my style of red.  But those who enjoy the somewhat more austere Piemonte reds, should find this Barbera tasty enough.  Should do well with lighter pork dishes (picatta?), osso buco, and pastas with lighter tomato based sauces (vodka sauce?).


11 thoughts on “2010 Terre Davino Piemonte Barbera, Italy $3.99

  1. seedboy

    Darrell, slightly different name. This is a 2011. That price range could be about right for this wine though.

    1. weinish

      This wine is currently in Oakland GO. Picked one up today.

      There are numerous other European wines there like a Negroamaro, vermintino and a cotes de rhone as well. Palm Bay and North Berkeley imports. Worth checking out.

      1. BargainWhine

        Am now sipping the Poggiotondo Vermentino, Toscana IGT (same one?). It’s pretty good: gently ripe apple /lemon fruit, good acid and some bitterness; very smooth. Not extremely exciting, but a tasty, easy sipper. Good for $5.

      2. seedboy

        I was in on Sunday and tried a few things. There was a vermintino from Tuscany that is not the one you’ve posted. It is delicious, nicely balanced, interesting flavors. The barbera reviewed on this page is there. I should note that the three red wines I tasted were opened fresh. I though all three were well made and not showing age. The barbera seemed a bit shy of flavor, wonder if air would have helped. I would say the same thing about the 2009 Rosso del Volcano (aglianico) and the rufena 2010 Chianti Classico, which showed surprising tannin for a Chianti. These wines are all $3.99 and $4.99 so they are not going to break the bank. They also have a nice 2011 Cotes du Rhone, something Galetes, that is delicious. It is estate bottled, rich, nicely balanced though verging on the edge of overripe. I bought a case of it at $3.99.

        1. weinish

          I never saw the chianti. Damnit. Yes that’s the vermintino.

          The 2009 Rosso is the same, but we thought it past it’s prime, or not great.

          1. seedboy

            As I said it was freshly opened, and did not seem like there was much to it. I decided that I’d go all in on the Cotes du Rhone. That Vermintino, at $3.99 I should buy a few.

            1. Seedboy

              Vermentino is Occhio a Vento 2012,from Maremma, on the west coast of Tuscany. Second day it is still lovely, crisp and nice citrus fruit and some herbs. Definitely a repeat buy.

        2. Darrell

          Is the Rhone a “Terres de Galets Côtes du Rhône”? All I could find online were the 2012 and 2013 vintages for a SRP of $10.


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