2010 Winter Hill Stellenbosch Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa $3.99

Silverdale, WA    12.5% alc.    (Purchased on 9/29/14)

IMG_1784This white was referenced by Seedboy and others on our “What’s New” page over the last few weeks.  So when it appeared here on the Kitsap Peninsula, I had to try it.  I believe most of the comments have been favorable.  I would concur, though it hasn’t left me feeling like I want to run back down to the store for more.  The front and back labels are reminiscent of those on the Road Less Traveled Cabs we saw recently.  I suspect these wines are coming from a cooperative, as an actual winery is not really identified.  But lo and behold!  After writing that last sentence, I decided to hunt down the wines and here’s what I found.  Check it out.  On the left side of that page, click on “Our Brands” and you’ll find Winter Hill and RLT.

Brilliant medium golden; very familiar southern hemisphere gooseberry and lemony nose.  In the mouth, the acidity is fairly high, providing a tart, steely mouthfeel and more lemon and gooseberry along with grapefruit in the flavors.  Bone dry with a clean finish.  Likely a decent match with rich, buttery sauces to cut through the fat or perhaps the perfect accompaniment to simply prepared shellfish…like pairing French Muscadet and oysters on the half shell.  For me, it’s a definite food wine…not really for quaffing on it’s own.


10 thoughts on “2010 Winter Hill Stellenbosch Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa $3.99

  1. permiesworld

    We had this wine last week. It was very interesting. Maybe it was because of the food we paired it with but we both smelled/tasted a chipotle style smoke taste in the wine (we weren’t eating chipotle or anything even remotely like it). I also noticed more herbal/grassy qualities in it than you experienced, as well as green pepper and white. Wasn’t a bad wine at all. I liked the dryness. And even the odd taste of chipotle. lol

    1. lim13 Post author

      Ya’ know, PW…I’ve often thought that herbal/grassy qualities and gooseberry qualities can be very similar. I never even had a gooseberry until 2011 while vacationing in New Zealand. And then it was an “oh, wow!” moment. I suddenly knew firsthand what I had been describing in southern hemisphere (especially NZ) Sauv Blancs. But that flavor/aroma also strikes me as what I and others describe as grassy too. But you’ve got me stumped with the chipotle thing. I just finished my bottle and couldn’t detect anything like that.

      1. permiesworld

        It was so odd. I admit it. But I didn’t even say I was tasting it when my husband said “you know, I really taste chipotle in this”. It had to be what we paired it with but for the life of me I cannot remember that dinner. Just know it wasn’t Mexican food (because we were both wondering “where did that come from?”) Never tasted it in wine before. And I’ve never had a gooseberry so that definitely needs to be added to my list…just so I can identify it.

  2. seedboy

    I rather liked this wine and at $2.99 here in California it is a screaming deal (well, but not quite as good as that $2.99 Touraine SB at the San Leandro store). However I’ve bought so much GO SB I just cannot bring myself to buy any more of this.

    1. Darrell

      I finally tried this bottle and agree with Lim that there is more than ample acidity and with SB that at $2.99 a bottle, a screaming deal. For me the wine lies somewhere between a Loire and NZ SB. Tried it with Ahi sashimi. I will probably be gone during the upcoming sale and have left instructions with my wife to pick some up during the sale. Its difficult to find $2.99 bottles nowadays.

    1. lim13 Post author

      And thank you too, BW. I had completely forgotten that you reviewed the 2008 back in April. It’s easy for me to forget anything that happened longer ago than yesterday! And I even commented on your post. BTW, I also got some light bell pepper and my bottle was sealed with a corkburger too.

    2. jwc

      Yes, nice research on the Winter’s Hill SB, TRLT and the Bordeaux Standard wines, sure makes sense how we are seeing them, one after another. As far as the Winters Hill SB, I have seen only the ’08 on the west side, one of the mags gave it a 93 yrs ago, so that prompted me to pick some up. I enjoyed it, and will pick more up, doesn’t seem to be moving too well. A number of SB choices right now, nice QPR.


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