2007 Star Angel Paso Robles Syrah, CA $5.99

Silverdale, WA    15% alc.    (Purchased on 9/26/14)

Cellared and Bottled by Montes USA, Napa.  Back label says Montes of Chile started Napa Angel in 2006.  “As the foremost Syrah producer in Chile, Aurelio (Montes) felt an instant attraction to the Paso Robles region…where this grape variety grows magnificently.”

IMG_1777Nearly opaque deep, dark, brooding purple/ruby color.  Seriously tight and closed on opening, it really takes a couple of hours to even begin showing anything in the nose.  And even then it’s reluctant to open up.  Initially showed some stemminess and a strange automotive oil quality, but eventually I got blackberry, black plum and tar.  In the mouth, there’s plenty of sweet fruit, loads of tannin, decent acidity and flavors of more blackberry and dark plum.  Chewy and a bit hot (15% alcohol) in the finish.  Back label says to enjoy it for over seven years (that’s now!).  I suspect it’ll do fine for at least a few more years, but I’ve had wines like this that I’ve cellared and ended up with all tannin, no fruit.  A robust, well-constructed and very tasty Paso Robles red that others seem to have enjoyed.

Those of you who have been following our blog for a while know that I’m not one to decant much of anything.  And I didn’t decant this wine.  But…back label also says, “Decanting is recommended”.  I’m currently flinching as I say…I concur that decanting is likely a good idea.  It’s been a long, long time since I’ve opened a bottle of wine this tightly wound…and waiting it out in the glass could be an arduous task.  So go ahead and decant…and pour vigorously…and your first glass might taste a little more flavorful than my first one did.   JWC…I suspect that this Montes is for you.

2 thoughts on “2007 Star Angel Paso Robles Syrah, CA $5.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    Dear readers, for your consideration: While I’m still enjoying this wine, next day it was still tight as a drum and seemed even more tannic. It’s been sitting on the kitchen counter, stopped up with a closeable pour spout, but with lots of air space in the bottle. The tightness and big tannins are more similar to Petite Sirah than Syrah. So I’m thinking, like I noted in my review, that thie tannins in this wine could well outlive the fruit.

  2. jwc

    Yes Lim13, this does sound quite tasty. Normally a wine at 15% abv is something I would approach with caution, but I did look at the link you included on the review (Thank you, nice touch) and it sounds like the alc. is in check. Certainly hope to see in Portland, release price on this was in the mid $30, so at $5.99, crazy good. Montes and Concho y Torro are my favorite Chilean producers. They consistently produce well crafted wines throughout the breadth of their lines, and one can always count on them to deliver quality and value.


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