Winfield Estate 2009 Bone Dry Oregon Pinot Gris $7.99

Produced & Bottled by: Winfield Estate Wines
13% ABV
Purchased @ Lebanon, OR 10-20-2014

Winfield 2009 PGI’ve made a determined decision to step (a little way) outside my comfort zone, where wines are concerned. I love a good, dry Italian Pinot Grigio.  So far it’s the only white wine area/varietal that has earned my respect. I’m just more of a “Reds” person.  I mention this so you will be fully aware, this is not my forte in the wine world. That being said, I found this wine quite drinkable; more so than many other Pinot Gris I’ve tried.  Others, who love whites or Pinot Gris in particular, might find it far more like a “thumbs up” (or possibly down). Hopefully the description will help you decide if it’s for you or not.

Upon opening, I was greeted with a strong citrus aroma as well as something I’m not familiar with and cannot even remotely identify.  Initial tastes were so odd to me; still heavy on the citrus, a hint of banana (only a very slight hint) and (if you live in Oregon, more especially the Willamette Valley, you will get this) summer dust from the valley floor.  It was strange and not unappealing.  I could say “dirt” but it really was like you’d spent the hot summer day hiking and had that valley dust taste in your mouth.  As the wine opened up a bit, there was more of a taste of sweet herbal grass and eventually tart pears or apples.  I could not tell you if this is a typical Oregon Pinot Gris. It reminded me of an Italian Grigio with less finesse.  The wine was harsher, more acidic on the palate.  And while it says 13% abv, it tastes more like 14+.

The label says “bone dry”.  I’m wondering in this case if that is more of a relative statement and less of an official designation.  To me, there is a perceived sweetness that relegates this to an “off-dry bordering on dry” wine, not a bone dry. Close, though not as quite as sweet, as the Lunatic White*…if you’ve tasted that. However, that could be just the extreme fruity-ness and not the actual residual sugars.

There is also available another version of this Pinot Gris.  It’s the same year; “Proprietor’s Select Dry” instead of the non-proprietor’s Bone Dry.  I noticed when Bargainwhine reviewed their Pinot Noir, it was also available in those two options.

*As a side note, I noticed the Lunatic white was still available on the shelves at both the Salem and Lebanon stores.  Current price is $5.99.

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