2011 District 7 Cabernet Sauvignon

Monterey County, CA; 13.5% ABV
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 6 Oct

District7_2011_CabSEHL and Expat have already commented on this wine, and my thoughts more or less duplicate and elaborate on what they wrote.

At first, I thought this wine did not taste good at all, but it seemed quite promising (not sure how to describe “promising”).  After 60 – 70 minutes in a decanter, the wine started showing nice fruit of medium-dark blackberry, darker red / purple cherry, green bell pepper, with a somewhat odd musty vegetal finish.  Drinking this with food brought the ripe fruit to the fore and put the weird finish in the background.   Odd flavors aside, the wine is reasonably balanced and delineated and, overall, not bad for the money.  After 2 hours of air, the wine relaxes further to be more open and complex, including mulberry and a little boysenberry / raspberry, and the weird flavors recede.  The moderately rich, textured fruit is not really elegant, but it is tasty.  I expect it could hold on and mellow out for another year or two, but there’s no reason to wait.

I saved half of it in a 375ml bottle stoppered with very little air.  I can’t say the 24 hours were kind to it.  It was still pretty tasty, but was redder, rougher, and a little more medicinal.  It may be better not keep any for a year or two later.  However, let me finish with Expat’s final words on this: OK, so I may need to update my opinion of the District 7. After night 1 I vacu-vinned the remaining half bottle and just got back into it, about 4 days later expecting nothing and getting ready to dump it. That weirdness I didn’t like is pretty much gone and the fruit is there and pleasant. I may not have given it enough time to open up the first night. It’s not a tremendous wine but pretty solid. I guess my advice is to give it some decent air time before drinking.


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