Baja Tanga non-vintage sparkling rosé

Mendoza, Argentina; 12.5% ABV
apparently made from Malbec (red), Torrontés (white), and Chenin Blanc (white)
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 17 Oct; $13 online

BajaTangaAlthough this wine is slightly fruity for my taste, it’s pretty good for the price.  I thought it had nice flavors of ripe strawberries, medium-ripe cherries, with a hint of orange, brought forward with nice acid.  Although fruity, the flavors are nicely balanced and have a delicate aspect as well, and the carbonation is good and finely textured.

I found other tasting notes online that, although a little fancy for my taste, I think are pretty good: Aromas and flavors of earthy wild strawberry jam and sour cherry yogurt with crisp, fruity light-to-medium body and a very tangy cranberry sorbet, lime curd, and nougat accented finish. 


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