2008 Ben Hogan Tribute Series Carnoustie

Paso Robles, CA
47% Syrah, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot; 15% ABV
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 24 Oct

BenHogan_2008_CarnoustieThis was probably around for a while, but I tend to ignore anything with a golfer on the label.  Not anything against golf, per se, but generally I figure the maker’s probably more into whatever sport than wine.  This is an exception.

The first thing I noticed is that the end of the cork that was in the wine was completely, very impressively, blackened.  The wine itself starts out reserved and a bit acid.  To me, it needed about 1hr of air to start showing very ripe, tangy fruits of darker cherry, boysenberry, plum / purple grape, a little blueberry / blackberry,  a little liquour-like, with some fruit-skin bitterness on the finish.  There’s not much in the way of non-fruit flavors, although it heads in the direction of tar, especially as it continues to air.  Its texture is thicker and velvety.  Although not showing signs of being too old, it’s perfectly mature, so drink it now or very soon.

The next day, the saved single-glass screw-cap bottle was at least as good, maybe better as it was more elegant and showed more tangy funk, although it still needed a couple hours of air.  This wine is from Veris Cellars, who also made the currently available JanKris 2011 Crossfire and Riatta.  I’d say that especially if you liked the Crossfire (haven’t tasted the Riatta), or even if you didn’t, this wine is easily worth the extra dollar.


12 thoughts on “2008 Ben Hogan Tribute Series Carnoustie

  1. jwc

    I opened a bottle of this Friday night and enjoyed it. Full bodied, soft tannins, good fruit. Agree this needs to be drunk now. Thumbs Up too.

  2. permiesworld

    Opened this tonight, noticed the same debris blackened cork. I had chilled it a bit so it was pretty closed in the beginning. I like how acidic it is though and agree with your taste profile/description. I like how dry it is as well. It probably is my favorite (I tried the Crossfire and Riatta…they were both more fruit forward etc…). It tastes like a well done wine although I still hate the label. I can already tell it’s opening up quite nicely.

    Surprised this one didn’t receive more attention….

    1. permiesworld

      That’s funny!
      (I picked this one up too…not that I need any more things in the cellar but the Corvallis owner/operator was quite effusive about it as well….that paired with your review, as well as the sale $, made me spring.)

  3. jwc

    Thanks for the review BW, I thought this might be the best of the JanKris/Veris wines that have shown up lately. Sounds like that is the case, most likely at the optinum drinking window with 6+ years under its belt.

  4. permiesworld

    This is one wine that I would have walked by without a second thought. Labels do influence me and while it’s not the golfing per se, it’s just not classy. I will see if we have it locally though. Your review makes me want to try it.

    1. lim13

      Welcome to our blog, Lisa! While BW authored this post, I’m gonna’ step in because I’m closer (Kitsap Peninsula, WA) than him (Bay Area, CA) to you. It’s here in Silverdale now, so I suspect there are probably GO’s in Seattle that are carrying it too. I’d suggest you call first. Don’t know where you are, but Kenmore in the north end has always had a good wine selection and helpful staff. The Renton store in the south end is supposed to be pretty good too. Here’s a link to GO’s store locator…just plug in a city or zip to find a store and phone number. https://groceryoutlet.com/store-locator

      Reader flitcraft is in the Seattle area. Have you seen this anywhere on your side, FC?

      1. flitcraft

        I haven’t seen it at the Lake City or MLK Madrona GO’s. But I haven’t been at any of the Seattle GO’s in a few days, now. I expect last minute provisioning before the sale is going on as we write…


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