2009 Eco.Love South Island Riesling, New Zealand $1.99

Silverdale, WA    11.5% alc.    (Purchased on 10/20/14)

IMG_1839Sustainably grown and vinified.  I bought this mainly because I really loved their Sauvignon Blanc.  This Riesling’s a little unusual from the git-go because it’s in the atypical burgundy bottle rather than the usual tall hoch bottle.

Clear pale green/golden.  Very pleasant bouquet of green apple, citrus and pineapple; far more tropical than most Rieslings I’ve had.  Off-dry, but more toward the dry, but fruity end of the spectrum. Very extracted and rich in the mouth; more of a mouthful than the average Riesling.  Zingy acidity.  Flavors again of typical green apple, some peach, lime zest and a bit of spice.  Very flavorful and tasty and a bit unusual for Riesling in that it’s more complex than most.  Likely more versatile with food because the balance of sugars and flavors are so unique.  Did not go well with teriyaki chicken because the sugars were just too low, but probably great with roast chicken or white fish.  Hard to go wrong for two bucks.  I’m liking this producer and hope to see more from them at GO.


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