2010 Headstand Zinfandel

Lake County, CA; apparently from Chateau Diana; 14.8% ABV
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 30 Oct

2012_Headstand_ZinUsually I don’t go for wines with such corny labels, but this wine’s origin of Lake County (a little north of Napa County) triggered an incorrect memory of another wine.  The Beaver Creek 2008 Fairytale had two versions, one from Lake County and one from Napa County, one with a good component of Zinfandel, one without.  It turned out that the Lake County version had no Zin, and anyway, this is nowhere close to the quality of the BC wines.

This wine has simple cherry / lighter black raspberry jam strongly flavored with the sort of wood I really dislike, that sort of “stewed rhubarb” flavor along with, in this case, a truly weird “chemically” wood flavor.  If you don’t mind this weird wood flavor, the wine could be Drinkable.  For me, Thumbs Down.

The first night, I couldn’t even finish one glass of this wine, and just put plastic wrap over it.  The next day, the wine was a little better, with the fruit more forward and the weird wood more in the background.  It was, however, definitely still there, and the fruit was still rather simple.  I guess I can now say it’s Drinkable, but I really can’t recommend it.


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