Fall 2014 Wine Sale 20% Off, Nov 5 – 9

Wine Sale Flyer NOV 2014_150Our custom here has been to announce the fall wine sale about a week before it starts.  However, this year especially, it seems like the GO itself has been promoting it a good bit beforehand, so I hadn’t felt the need to do it.  (Many stores have even been willing to put wine aside for customers to buy during the sale.)  And besides, it seems like y’all don’t want to ‘fess up to what you are planning to stock up on from which store, at least until it’s actually cleared the checkout!  So, here, please tell us about what you have noticed new that has shown up for the sale, what you’ve tried and liked or not, and what you might have left behind in your wake for others to pick up.  🙂  Myself, I didn’t wait for the sale to get a couple more bottles of the 2008 Ben Hogan Tribute Carnoustie.  Happy hunting!


82 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Wine Sale 20% Off, Nov 5 – 9

  1. permiesworld

    Well, now that the wine sale is over, I was just wondering what the results were?
    What was your favorite find?
    Did you feel like the selection was worth the trip?
    Was there something you wished you’d bought a case of?
    Was there something you did buy a case of and you are glad you did?
    And, was there something you bought too much of and wish you didn’t?

    I’m just curious. I made my rounds, mostly for the blog reviews, but I did buy a case of the Quest PN for personal stash, and I regret not picking up another of the Van Ruiten for a friend of mine to try.

    1. JoelA

      I never buy a case of anything; there are only two of us and we’re not big drinkers. I bought six bottles, one of which I have already reviewed (Sterling Albert Lodi Zinfandel) and another one or two of which I hope to review shortly. Right now am trying to drink down our wines because we expect to be moving by and by and don’t need to move a lot of wine.

      1. permiesworld

        There are only two of us as well…but with GO having such a “luck-will-out” selection…if we find some great deal on something we know we’ll drink, we buy it. When they had that 2010 Lunatic Red (we still have a couple of bottles left of that one) we did the same thing and I was so glad I did. That wine has held up well (I don’t think anyone here reviewed it…it was a blend of: Syrah 68% Sangiovese 23% Petite Sirah 6% Grenache 3%) and I honestly wish I’d purchased more. (All too often, I wish I’d purchased less, sometimes even if I only bought one bottle. lol).

        I can completely appreciate not wanting to move wine though. Thankfully we won’t be doing that any time soon.

      2. lim13

        Sounds like you and I have a great deal in common, Joel. I never buy cases and my wife and I will also be moving in the next few years…downsizing for us old-timers.

    2. jwc

      Hi PW, you know for me this was kind of a ho-hum sale. I mostly picked up wine that had been around for awhile, 2009 Next Riesling (from King Estate) $4.99, 2012 Josh Cellars Pinot Noir $4.99 was new, 2008 Winter Hill SB $3.99, 2010 Malvasia Bianca Limited Release from Blackstone $4.99 was new although the ’09 was reviewed here by dlhuber, 2010 Ste Chapelle Late Harvest Riesling $4.99, 2008 Ben Hogan Tribute Series Cab Blend $6.99 and another new wine a 2011 Exitus Red Wine at $4.99 produced by Cecchetti Wine Co. which has some positive reviews on line, so we’ll see on that. All prices before the 20% off discount. And thanks to you, the Emigre, looking forward to trying that. Honestly,one of the best things about being active on a blog like this is meeting the participants who share in the appreciation and pleasure of the grape! Here’s hoping “good will hunting” ran gracefully for all!

      1. seedboy

        I think I’m disappointed because of high expectations set by sales of earlier years. I ended up getting some zins and pinot, though, which makes me happy.

        1. permiesworld

          I think that the “improved economy” (I’ve noticed that across the board, prices are rising on wine again, except on the very low end market…there’ve been several articles on this in the wine news of late…) has made a big difference in the quality of wine going through GO. Except for things like label changing/buyouts etc where the previous stock is sold off, I’ve read that the trend is moving towards the higher end houses not selling off as much of their excess to 3rd party discount vendors as they were prone to do during the recession. I actually expect to see more of the medium to lower end styles/quality (except in the above cases…change of ownership/label or a bankruptcy etc) and frankly a $10 wine for $5 does not interest me nearly as much as something that’s still selling for $28 and buying it for $8 (in the case of the Quest Pinot we purchased and loved). A friend of mine said that they believed that the Emigre being at GO was the result of the “Grateful Palate” bankruptcy/assets finally being sold off (not sure if that’s fact, just something we were discussing). Anyway, it’s just a thought…I’ve been noticing that Napa is trying to get back to it’s “pre-recession” pricing. That’s the market I follow the closest, but I noticed this weekend that Oregon Pinot Noir prices have jumped since last year, as well.

          1. Seedboy

            You are probably right, and there were some small vintages until 2012. That is a large crop vintage and as it winds its way through we may see more wine.

      2. permiesworld

        I hope you enjoy the Emigre, JWC. And thanks for the Le Riche 2001. (I cannot remember how long you suggested I decant that…if you want to refresh my memory. I have spent the better part of the last hour scanning through the posts here and still can’t find your review.) I also picked up the Josh Cellars PN. I read up on it and it seems intriguing to me.

        1. jwc

          PW, I just checked, my notes are still there on the Le Riche ’01 Reserve Cab. Just go to Guest Contributions, page all the way down to older comments, click on that, page down further, I wrote the note on April 17, 2014. As far as decanting, what I usually do, is pop the cork, and pore a small taste. If I’m satisfied with where the wine is at, I’ll drink it, if not I’ll decant anywhere from 1-3 hours. The bottles are at a nice place now, but have aged at slightly different stages. CellarTracker also has some very positive reviews on this vintage too. Enjoy!

          1. permiesworld

            Thanks, I located it (and that is good because if I do write a review, I’d like to be able to link it). That’s normally what I do as well but I thought you specifically recommended something…thanks for helping me find the review.

      3. bin5

        I agree with jwc. Kind of a ho-hum sale. A few bottles here, a few there, and oops, the next thing you know I’m walking out of the store with three cases. Variety is the spice. Relative to “should of bought more” or “I missed that one”, if I have learned anything it is that there is always another wine! Funny how I’m patient with storing my wine but not always patient with buying it.

    3. Delmartian1

      Frankly I was disappointed in the selections here in So Cal. I ended up picking up a case of the Banyols and that’s about it. On the plus side I did meet the wine guy at the San Marcos store who was quite knowledgeable. The word is that there will be another sale just before Christmas similar to last year.

  2. RB

    As of yesterday afternoon the Olympia store had a number of wines that have had some discussion here:
    Lanson Black Label and Rose’
    Domaine de La Chique Roussillon (very nice)
    Foppiano Sauv Blanc
    Orbiter PN
    Powder Keg Syrah
    Lot 11 Zin
    Stama Rose
    Ben Hogan Carnoustie (small quantity)
    Hart & McGarry Cab
    Van Ruitten PN
    Victor Zin
    Four Star Red (too fruity for me)
    Mark West PN 1.5L
    That’s all of note that I can pull from memory. I haven’t tried them all.

  3. bin5

    I just got an email of new wines in Renton today, here goes:
    Ardimento Pinot Grigio $5.99 value $13.99
    Dom Pierre Rose $6.99 value $9.99
    Headstand Zinfandel $5.99 value $18.99
    Marques De Lares Cava Brut $7.99 value $19.99
    Side by Side Bravery Red $5.99 value $8.99
    Dom de La Chique Cotes Du Roussill $5.99 value $14.99
    La Foglia Bianco or Rosso $5.99 value $11.99
    La Jara Organic Rose Spumante $5.99 value $14.99
    Lost Angel Red $4.99 value 411.99
    Mark West Pinot Noir 1.5L $12.99 value $24.99
    Middle Sister Wicked White $3.99 value $11.99
    Orbiter Pinot Noir $7.99 value $24.99
    Otono Pinot Grigio or Tempranillo $5.99 value $9.99
    Powder Keg Petite Syrah or Syrah $5.99 value $19.99
    Val Moon Zinfandel $7.99 value $21.99
    Washington Hills Orca Cabernet $5.99 value $14.99
    White Haute Riesling $3.99 value $11.99

    1. permiesworld

      We just picked up that Orbiter PN. It’s from the Carneros region but I’m pretty sure it’s a 2nd label (although it looks identical but it’s not on their website) for Valley of the Moon?

    2. lim13

      That’s really interesting, b5. We’re what…50 miles apart?…and not one of those wines has showed up here. In a way, that’s really good…no temptation to buy them for a cellar that’s already busting at the seams!

  4. JoelA

    Vistied Oakland today and met a gentleman who was scarfing up 2011 Snow Dancer Monterey pinot noir at $ 6.99 (minus 20%), Was it one of you folks? I didn’t ask.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Not I. But Seedboy commented, “Slow Dancer Pinot Noir, $5.99 or so – this wine does taste like pinot but it has absolutely no mid-palate. I’d even take the Wilson Daniels over this wine.”

  5. bin5

    Okay so it has been awhile since I’ve checked in on the blog, just been very busy. However, I did find the time to go to the sale! I haven’t seen anything unusual in Renton, Kent, Maple Valley, and Skyway that hasn’t already been talked about here. I haven’t found anything I would make a big purchase on, just a couple here and there. The Renton store has major quantities of the Ben Hogan. Decent wine for the price, pretty fruit forward. One wine I really like is the 2008 Man ‘O War Vallhala Chardonnay. Solid complex Chardonnay showing little signs of wear and definitely a stand out. If you like golfer wines, I think the Faldo is the best of the bunch especially if you like a little cinnamon/cardamom spice in your cab. I also like the Tiera Secret Malbec for its sweet oak and dark berry, but may not be for everyone. Finally, I couldn’t resist buying some Lanson’s Black Label bubbly for $16 on sale with the holidays coming up. Still a good stash in Renton and Skyway. The Renton owners said that they are getting in the Panther Creek Winemaker’s Cuvee on Friday but they didn’t know what year. Hoping to get back into reviewing and blogging soon.

    1. lim13

      I bought three bottles of that Lanson’s Black label Champagne today, b5. Where else can you buy “the real thing” (no…not Coke!) for sixteen bucks a bottle? And did I say, nice to hear from you?

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Just to update folks, this is what Lim13 said in September about the Lanson’s Black Label Champagne: Lanson Black Label Brut Champagne. I was really surprised, but delighted to see that Stan the wine guy was pouring this $20 bottle. Brilliant pale straw with plenty of tiny bubbles; absolutely bone dry, tart and austere; a classic and a definite food wine. Well worth the $20 if you like your Champagne in this style, but I think I’ll wait for the sale and get a couple for $16, as it’s moving very slowly.

        1. lim13

          Thanks for the reminder, BW. Did I really say that? ; ~) Caviar or sushi anyone? I believe that Silverdale GO still has Russian caviar for $3.99 a jar!

            1. Delmartian1

              No sign of the Lanson’s down in north San Diego County or Russian caviar…the Escondido store did have caviar from Iceland (yes Iceland) about 6 months ago but long gone.

          1. lim13

            I feel the need to correct my statement above. That caviar at the Silverdale GO is not Russian, but Icelandic. Still tasty and still $3.99 (or was it $2.99?) for each small jar. And wonderful mixed with cream cheese or Mascarpone and spread on crackers…with Champagne or sparkling wine. Unfortunately they sold it all last week. But I’m told it’s still on the order guide, so the Silverdale wine guy is trying to order more.

        2. Darrell

          If Lanson Black were in the East Bay, I don’t think it would move slowly and in fact when you first mentioned the wine, Lim, I inquired, but it wasn’t down here.

          1. lim13

            That’s really a shame because four cases of the Lanson’s has been languishing on the floor here for a couple of months…though I did notice that someone bought a case yesterday.

      2. bin5

        There is also some Lanson’s Rose for $25 ($20 sale price). For me, even at the price, both these Champagnes are one of the buys of the sale around here. I am not seeing any of the Pinots that all the CA folks are talking about.

    2. RG

      I saw Panther Creek Winemakers Cuvee PN (2010) today at Tacoma 56th St. Looking it up, bad review here, and under 80 pts on CT. https://grossoutwine.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/panther-creek-2010-pinot-noir-winemakers-cuvee/
      I’m liking the Eastmoor Hills CS (WA), but on 2nd day had lost some of its shine. I’ll have to look for the Lanson’s, didn’t really look at the sparkling wines.
      I saw folks buying cases of Naked Wine unoaked red, so at $2.40 I bought one bottle (maybe cooking?).

    3. weinish

      Can we discuss the Panther Creek Pinot for a second? I have 2 bottles in my cabinet. The sign at OAK GO said, “air for 48 hours.” Has anyone done that, and was it worth it?

      I was told yesterday they sold an absurd amount on it on Thursday (and the Fappiano SB), making that day the highest grossing wine day in the store’s history.


      There’s not much on the shelf I am really interested right now.

  6. permiesworld

    Firstly, I spoke with the owners from Lebanon, OR and Corvallis today. Both said that they’d be willing to hold cases at wine sale time (the general consensus has been, hold for 24hrs and if you don’t pick it up it goes back on the shelf). So that is 3 of the major 5 in this valley that are happy to work with you during the wine sale. I haven’t asked the Albany owner yet and I’m never at the Commercial st. store in Salem…mostly everyone seem willing to hold what is already available, however Terry in Corvallis said that he doesn’t take holds on wine that he doesn’t currently have in stock (just in case it never comes in).

    Secondly, while I was in Corvallis I picked up a few things today:

    2012 Side by Side California Red Wine “Bravery Blend” (St. Helena AVA) $5.99
    2012 Side by Side California Chardonnay (St. Helena AVA) $5.99
    These I purchased solely because I liked the idea that the proceeds for them went to charity.

    2013 Passages Napa Cabernet Sauvignon $6.99
    2012 Josh Cellars Pinot Noir (Joseph Carr) $4.99
    2011 Orbiter (Carneros) Pinot Noir $7.99 (Valley of the Moon Winery)
    (NV) La Foglia Vino Rosso $5.99 (does anyone know anything about this wine? I cannot even find it online except at Vivino)
    Pinot Grigio Provincia Di Pavia 2013 Ardimento $5.99 (SRP $14)

  7. permiesworld

    Well I called around today regarding the: Colonial Estate Emigre $4.99 https://grossoutwine.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/2004-the-colonial-estate-emigre-shiraz-blend-4-99/

    Albany has sold out, Corvallis and Salem don’t have any either. I was going to pick up some bottles if I could find them, and see if PNW locals wanted to meet up. If I hear of anything (a couple of the stores are looking to see if they can get some) I’ll post back

    RE: the wine sale…
    Sue (Lancaster store owner/operator in Corvallis) said that they would happily hold cases for people in future (like I mentioned before, she held that Pinot Noir case for me) just as an FYI.

    1. weinish

      Have you experienced the candied flavor that comes on the second day? I have about 6 bottles of this, and I do like it, but not as much as I did originally.

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Hi weinish. I haven’t had a bottle since the one I reviewed, but I will look out for it whenever I get around to the bottle I got a couple days ago.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi weinish. Nothing occurs to me right away that would definitely be up your alley, except perhaps the Ottomonti 2009 Sagrantino di Montefalco, $11 pre-discount.

      1. weinish

        Thanks, holmes. Yeah, I bought 6 yesterday, including 3 of the 2007s they randomly had in the back. Btw, if anyone sees me at Oakland store, introduce yourself. I’m the white guy between these two fighters in this photos: davidweintraub.com

        1. BargainWhine Post author

          You don’t look familiar from the GO wine aisles, probably because I rarely get to the Oakland store these days. However, once the Berkeley store shuts down, I’ll likely be there more often.

  8. permiesworld

    What I purchased today:

    (I did pick up a case of the Quest Pinot Noir…loved that one, the Van Ruiten Pinot Noir and a couple of bottles of the Mercy Chardonnay, as repeat purchases.)

    New stuff (all prices before the extra 20% off)
    Albany store:

    2004 The Colonial Estate Emigré Shiraz Blend $4.99 (SRP $65)
    (This was my “deal of the day”, although I have no idea what it tastes like. Came in a beautiful box of 6. Rated 93 points. Retail was just too good to pass up this bargain. I bought several, which I never do at GO, just in case I hate them.) http://www.wineaccess.com/wine/product/10749835/2004-The-Colonial-Estate-Emigre-Barossa-Valley)

    2012 Gravelly Ford Private Reserve Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon $5.99
    2012 Gravelly Ford Private Reserve Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir $5.99
    Line 39 Cabernet Franc 2012 $5.99
    Juana De Sol Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 Estate Grown $5.99

    Salem store:

    Pyrenees Vineyard & Cellars 2011 Syrah $5.99 (SRP $30)
    Pyrenees Vineyard & Cellars 2009 Merlot $5.99 (SRP $32)
    Pyrenees Vineyard & Cellars 2011 Grenache $5.99 (SRP $37)
    Mayerdale Syrah-Merlot 2011 $9.99 (SRP $22)
    Wakefield Riesling Clare Valley 2011 $7.99 (SRP $17)
    2009 Foppiano Vineyards Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc $4.99
    2011 Wildhaven Merlot Columbia Valley $5.99
    2013 Otono Tempranillo (Spanish) $5.99

    I’m going to go check out the Corvallis store tomorrow but unless they have anything I can’t live without, I won’t be buying anything else.

    1. permiesworld

      oh and LIM13/Bargainwhine…you’ll see I did branch out and buy a Riesling…the review will probably be pointless (on my part, not the wine’s) but I did pick one up to at least try.

    2. seedboy

      Those Colonial Estate wines are really big big wines. If I saw them here in Calif I’d buy them even though they are not my style.

      1. permiesworld

        What do you mean “big big”? As in taste or? I don’t normally drink AU wines or Shiraz, but honestly, the price and the box had me. lol I figured that if I didn’t like it, I was bound to meet up with someone who did.

        1. permiesworld

          I did find this (it’s the only thing I’ve found on it so far…I know it’s Parker but at least it gives me a date…I was concerned the Shriaz had become past it’s prime):
          “The 2004 Emigre, a Rhone-based blend of Grenache, Shiraz, and Mourvedre as well as Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon, exhibits a sweet perfume of graphite, black fruits, sweet cherries, licorice, smoke, and background vanillin. Full-bodied, rich, textured, and impressively long, it should drink well for 10-15 years … minimum.” – Robert Parker, Wine Advocate #167 (Oct 2006)

          1. seedboy

            I remember about 5 years ago a vintage of Emigre was at the GO, for a lot more money than that, and also two Bordeaux made by the same man (Maltus I think?) and Aussie Chardonnay and SB. I liked the whites, the bo do, not so good.

            1. JoelA

              At Richmond:

              Quinta do Sonora Barristers Port $ 7.99
              Waimea 2010 “Edel” $ 4.99. The grapes aren’t mentioned but i suppose this is an attempt to make a wine similar to Edelzwickers from Alsace that are a mixture of riesling/geuwrtz/ and/or pinot gris, chasselas
              2010 Buena Vista Sonoma zin $ 5.99
              2012 Home Grown California barbera $ 5.99

              and somebody or -bodies scarfed up all the Pic St. Loup.

        2. EHL

          That sounds like a steal, PW…….I like big, bold Aussie wines and let me tell you I drank plenty of Shiraz, their national wine, when running around Sydney and its beautiful beaches….. wish we had it down here…..

  9. seedboy

    I’ve submitted my order:
    Victor, Parallax, Woodenhead and Buena Vista zins, Cima Colina pinot, and the two lesser expensive Hill pinots. I saw some of that Lodi pinot at Oakland yesterday.

    1. Darrell

      I thought I woulda been outta here by now because of my date with Rocky Mtn. mutton, but I did stop by in Richmond and Oakland for the sale. Tasting GO wines and the sale haven’t been at the forefront of my mind since the mutton and preparations for it has. I finally tasted the 2009 Cima Collina and 2011 Jeff Hill Carneros PN and purchased some of each. Both Pinots are produced and bottled by. The Cima caught my eye because it was grown in the Gabilans, an area not mentioned too often when Monterey County is mentioned. These mountains are on the eastern side of the Salinas Valley and gets the evening sun whereas the Santa Lucias get the morning sun and the shade later in the evening. The texture is on the lighter side, delicate like some Burgundies. Might be up BW’s alley. The Jeff Hill is a dollar more than the Dog Series Hill PN. There is ample PN character and a fair amount of oak. I
      prefer to let this wine age to let wood and fruit meld and integrate.

  10. BargainWhine Post author

    I went by Berkeley and Oakland this morning, looking for new wines to review. At Berkeley, I found nothing, which is not to say they don’t have good wine. They have a lot of wine in the back, but looking at boxes I couldn’t detect anything interesting to me. Still, worth checking back later in the week.

    At Oakland, I got a few things to review and a couple more bottles of the l’Ora Nosiola which was nearly gone. I’ll also check back there later in the sale.

  11. BargainWhine Post author

    I don’t really stock up on things I have liked, but I will be stocking up on bottles to review, such as some of the more expensive Jeff Hill / Hill Wine Co. wines. Also, in the Zinfandel debate of Headstand v. Woodenhead, to my mind another Zin is the real Victor, which seems to be back in reasonable quantity.

    1. GOWineLover

      I’m not seeing much at all this time around. I’ll try that South African Sauv Blanc since it’s $2.99 in the Bay Area and also get some more Hill Carneros Pinot. Thanks for bringing the Victor back to attention.

      1. EHL

        Hey GOWL…..am I wrong in recalling that you stated you were highly “disappointed” by the Hill Carneros PN…….guess it’s still a pretty decent bottle for $9 and it must be growing on you, as with SB…….

        1. GOWineLover

          Haven’t had the EHL. Yeah, I remember not loving it, but I haven’t re-tasted it. I do remember thinking it was fine for the price and it was emblematic of the region, for sure. Will likely just blindly buy more.

  12. RG

    I checked out two of the Tacoma area stores, Lakewood and 6th Ave. Of note, the Lakewood store had some wines that I haven’t seen in awhile, possibly “found” in their storage area.
    L = Lakewood, 6 = 6th Ave, ST = South Tacoma (56th St) – haven’t visited (yet?)
    * = Reviewed at GOWines
    + = I plan on buying (very little, storage issues)

    Wines that have been around for awhile:
    +2012 Four Stars RTW – CA $5/10 L 6 *
    2007 Covey Run Merlot WA $6/8 L 6 * (probably over the hill)
    +2011 Banshee Pinot Noir Sonoma $4/13 375 ml L *
    2009 Redwood Pinot Noir – CA $5/10 L (and Pinot Gris)
    + 2012 Waterbrook Sangiovese Rose $6/14 L *
    2009 Two Ponds Riesling WA $4/10 L
    +2012 OGIO Tuscan Red $4/11 L
    +2008 Millbrandt Whispering Tree Merlot – no price – box states “export Merlot” L (Discussion on what’s new a year ago)
    2009 Picos Old Vine Garnacha $6/9 L 6 *
    Mosaic Zin (2012) & CabS (2010) L 6
    2011 Risorgimento Barbaresco $13/30 6 (new vintage, 2010 reviewed *)

    New to me:
    1999 Woodbridge Portacinco – Lodi $10/23 – this was reviewed here in 2011 L *
    2012 Clos LaChance “the vegan vine” Cabernet Sauvignon Central coast $6/17 L 6
    +2012 Stama Rose of Zinfandel Lodi – Dry $5/15 L 6 (same maker as Zany Zin, so probably decent)
    +2008 Man O’War Valhalla Waiheke Island (NZ) Chardonnay (14% alc) $8/36 L
    2011 Hart & McGarry Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast $6/13 L 6 +
    2011 Passages CabS CA $7/20 6
    2011 Montemar Andes Harmonia Blend (Chile) $4/12 RRV 6 *
    +2013 Rockridge Reserve Riesling WA (Cascade Creek Cellars, Richland = ? Maybe Hoppes custom) $5/10 12% 6
    +2010 Winter Hill Sauv Blanc Stellenbosch $4/14 6 *
    2011 Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc $5/12 6 *
    2010 Turn 4 White CA $5/19 ($19!) 6 *
    +2010 Reata Carneros Chardonnay $7/20 6 *
    2009 Laboure-Roi Unoaked Chard (St Armand) in Clos du Bois boxes $8/? 6

    +Voga Spumante $4/15 (weird water bottle with cork) L
    Chill Out Malbec, Moscato, CabS, PinotGris Chile $4/7 – unattractive packaging L 6
    Frusion Crisp Pear $4/10 “white wine with natural pear essence” CA-Central Valley L
    2012 The Mixer Ca Red Wine, and Pinot Noir $4/10 L 6
    The Light Grape Chard, & Rose $2

    AVOID (bad or indifferent reviews):
    Hayes Ranch Lucky Horeshoe Merlot *
    Fava Bros Zin RRV *
    Michel-Schlumberger Maison Rouge *
    Masterpiece Cab S ($10/25), Chard ($9/20), Zin ($10/22) 6 * (Cab OK)
    2011 Ch. Grand Marchand Bordeaux $4/28 (AW Direct, $28???, more like $8) L 6
    2012 Giormani Valpocella Ripasso $10/16 6 *
    2011 Goss Creek Red Blend Cent Coast $5/13 (Chamisal?) Twist off L 6 (2.8 on Vivino)

    1. lim13

      You’re always so thorough, RG. Thanks for doing all the work. I just reviewed that Stama Rose’, which I bought at the 6th Ave. store a week ago while visiting friends in Tacoma. Also, I’d have bought more of that weird Voga Spumante if it’s the Pinot Grigio. I actually enjoyed it, but never saw it again…and have no plans to visit Tacoma soon.

    2. jwc

      Yes, nice summation RG. The Man O War chardonnay looks interesting to me, the items with the + look very good as well. Some oldies but goodies in there too. One note on the Covey Run ’07 Reserve Merlot. I’m guessing it is still drinking ok, reason being I just popped the cork on an ’07 Covey Run Reserve Syrah, found it to be Drinkable +. and a solid buy at $5. We have the CV Reserve Merlot here at $6, so a good buy with the 20% sale. Happy Hunting out there, here’s to finding a new gem or two!

    3. RG

      But wait, there’s more. From the Lakewood store today (many previously mentioned at GOWines, but new to the Tacoma area),

      +NV? Eastmoor Hills Estate Meritage Cabernet Sauvignon 13.5% Columbia Valley $6/14. Twistoff. Bottled 10-20-2010 (on box) so probably 2009, made for “The Good Works Wine Club” Address resolved to the Wahluke Wine Company in Mattawa (custom crush facility just off WA-243 that I’ve passed many times), so likely Wahluke Slope or Royal City grapes (good stuff). Reviewed here at $30 http://wineeveryday.net/2011/04/17/eastmoor-hills-estate-cabernet-sauvignon-an-exceptional-wine-from-good-works-wine-club/ (probably not that good, CSM Canoe Ridge price?) (This is NOT the 2008 Syrah flitcraft reviewed in GC)

      +2011 Hess Select Chard Monterrey 375ml $4/10 (Vivino 3.3) [buying for when I want a 375ml Chard]
      2012 Raviva Chardonnay CA $5/17 – zero hits. Funky script on label, so may have gotten it wrong

      2011 JanKris Riatta (Veris Cellers) Paso Robles Red $6/18 65%-Merlot 20%-Syrah 10%Zin 5%-Temp
      2011 JanKris Crossfire (Veris Cellers) Paso Robles Red $6/22 505-M 18%-CS 10%-Temp 8%-PS 7%-Syrah 7%-Gren (kitchen sink?) Both JanKris have a 3.8 on Vivino *
      +2008 Ben Hogan Tribute Series Carnoustie (Veris Cellers) 47% Syrah, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot; 15% $7 * [from reviews, of the 3 Veris, buy this one)
      2011 Reserved Lot 11 Zin Sonoma Hill Vineyard $8/20 *
      2011 Victor Zin $7/17 * (probably better than the Reserve 11, but I don’t need any Zin)
      Millbrandt Whispering Trees (Export) Cab, Merlot, and Riesling $6/16 (Ries less). All good
      +Lupi Realli $4/12 (fruity dry Italian white, steal at $4-20%)

      OMG: Lindemans Early Harvest Moscato “Lighter in Calories” 7% Unripe fruit?

      2011 Laurier Merlot Alexander Valley 12.5% $8/19 *

      Yes, the Man O’War interested me. The wine guy (and manager) said it wasn’t a push, he had ordered it. I saw a wine from them at the Ellensburg store a year of two ago. Seems to be a white that ages well so not too old (French white Burgandy style?).

      On the Voga Spumante, only 2 cases left so I bought one today before the sale.

      I type my notes up in a document so it is easier to look them up – also making it easy to post here. I also email my notes to local friends. I’m telling them buy the Four Star, and Lupi Reali as daily drinking wines, and maybe the Millbrandt. I’m going to try the Eastmoor tomorrow and buy more if good.

  13. Seedboy

    Here is what I’m seeing in the Bay Area
    First some new stuff. Buena Vista Sonoma County Zin 2010, $5.99. I like this wine. It is nicely balanced. Some nice cranberry and blackberry flavors. I drank too much of a bottle of it last night. I would put it ahead of the Lot 11 and the Lake County wines. Berkeley has a pallet of this up front.
    2006 Eagle Eye Voluptuous, $7.99 I think — seen at Berkeley and Richmond. This is a blend of Bordeaux varietals with some zin and syrah thrown in. http://www.eagleeyewine.com/product/Eagle-Eye-2006-Voluptous
    Powderkeg Syrah and Petite Sirah, $4.99 maybe? Richmond only

    Berkeley has a pallet of the Victor zin on the floor, the Maroon 2012 cab, a mess of the Ironstone PS (2012 and 2013 both I think), the half bottles of Hess Chardonnay, and a lot of the usual suspects.

    I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I will probably buy some of the Woodenhead zin, maybe some of the Buena Vista also (I think they are both better than the Victor, which is good but the fruit is a bit baked for me, I like cooler climate zin). More of the Hill Carneros pinot, probably a couple of bottles of the 2010 Barbaresco, some Cima Collina pinot (seen finally at Oakland) and the Foppiano SB. I probably won’t bite on any of the cabs, I just don’t drink it that much and the only one I like is the Hill Napa 2011.

    1. permiesworld

      Seedboy, did you happen to taste that Eagle Eye Voluptuous? We enjoyed their Malbec. I’d try the Voluptuous if it showed up around here.

      Nothing that you’ve listed, have I found locally except the Victor Zin.

        1. BargainWhine Post author

          Seedboy, that was my reaction to reading the description on the label, which said something like soft and very forward fruit.

        2. jwc

          My sense is that Voluptuous, should have been one of the names for the Sophia Loren wines that were at GO awhile ago. Perhaps they might have tasted better…

    2. Seedboy

      Oakland store has a zin from Amador called Parallax that has good flavor, has balance and does not taste over baked in the sun.

      1. Seedboy

        I guess I will reply to myself for this. More new wines in Oakland.
        Three new wines from Myka Cellars. There is a pinot noir that lacks flavor so no matter what your taste I’d not recommend it. There is a Chardonnay from Santa Cruz County grapes that is quite crisp but seems shy of fruit, and at $8.99 needs to show more (I wonder if the travel has impacted it, and maybe the pinot also). Finally there is a Meritage, blend of roughly one third each cab sauvignon, cab franc and merlot, from Santa Clara County grapes. I did not open it.
        There is a 2013 Riesling called, I want to say, Silver something, for $2.99. This wine probably has some residual sugar but also a lot of fruit, good acidity, no petrol. I will probably buy a few of these because I think it could age nicely.

        1. lim13

          So, think you could come up with the entire name of that Riesling for me, Seedboy? And maybe where it’s from? Just in case it might show up here in western WA. I’m o.k. with petrol, but this one sounds like something I’d be interested in anyway. P.S. I generally only find petrol in the German Rieslings…only on rare occasions in the domestics.

  14. Pingback: Grocery Outlet Wine Sale Updates | PermiesWorld

  15. permiesworld

    And…speaking of Salem, I received an email today from the owner/operator. She said that her wine person recommended these and they will be available for the sale:
    La Loggia Barolo
    Mayerdale Syrah/Merlot
    Quest Pinot Noir
    Nick Faldo Cabrenet Sauvignon
    The Mixer Red Wine
    Eastmoor Hills Syrah
    Eastmoor Hills Cabernet Sauvignon

    Toasted Head Chardonnay
    Westland Lane Hillside Blanc
    Turn 4 White Wine
    Lupi Realli Trebbiano D’abruzzo

    I’ve had the Lupi Realli that Lim13 reviewed (it’s a steal at it’s regular price $4 IIRC) as well as the Quest Pinot Noir. She didn’t mention if they still had the Van Ruiten Steamboat Pinot Noir but she did say she had “4 more pallets that she hasn’t even looked at yet”. Salem was also where the Alexandre Riche Les Deux Terroirs was purchased as well as that New Zealand Omaka Pinot Noir. I did ask her about those in another email. I’ll post an update when I hear back.

    1. permiesworld

      We were over in Lebanon, OR today. Currently they have a lot more options on the shelves than Albany & Corvallis stores (so far). They have the Quest Pinot Noir, the Mayerdale Cab/Merlot blend & the Mayerdale Pinot Noir. Nick Faldo Cabernet, Remarkable Lot 11 along with many of the ones that have been on the shelves for a while (FOUR Star blend, Echelon…the Cabernet as well as the Chardonnay and the Red Blend…as well as many other things that have already been reviewed). Not much new but supposedly they have several pallets of added stock as well.

  16. jwc

    I wish there was something to get excited about here, on the west side of Portland. New items at Tanasbourne the Pyrennes 2011 Grenache & Syrah, along with a 2009 Merlot, all from the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, at $6.99. I’ll pass on these, 2012 NZ Nobilo SB at $4.99, some non descript Merlots (ie Umqua Community College Merlot $4.99, really?)
    The Panther Creek PN lots of, along with the Ben Hogan red blend..the Hogan is most likely the best bet. Hopefully something exciting will find its way in on the first day or launch. Right now, not much.

    1. permiesworld

      JWC, right now, it’s exactly the same in Albany & Corvallis. They’ve added nothing new. Said they were saving it for the sale “but they did have 12 or more pallets of wine for the sale”. I’m probably going to go to Salem first. She’s always got interesting stuff there.


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