Takutai 2009 Riesling

Nelson, New Zealand; 13% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA store on 6 Oct

Takutai_2009_RieslingA friend had recommended the Takutai Sauvignon Blanc to me, but I got confused and ended up with the Riesling instead, so here it is.  If you like the New Zealand style of Riesling, at least as I’ve minimally experienced it, less ripe and rather acid, then this a decent wine.  I don’t really go for it myself, though.

The wine shows a lot of less ripe fruit, some lemon and yellow apple, and a lot of green apple, in a nicely textured body.  The acid is quite strong, pushing out of “crisp” toward “shrill.”  Again, if you like this sort of thing, or perhaps with the right food (raw oysters?), I imagine this could be quite tasty.  Without oysters on the half-shell, though, it doesn’t really float my boat.

The next day, it’s perhaps a little better, showing more yellow fruit over green, with the acid more juicy than lean.


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