Heirbloom 2010 “Heritage Red Blend”

“an alluring red wine blended in a classic Bordeaux style” with 13.5% ABV
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 30 Oct

Heirbloom_2010_HeritageRedI picked this up because I was amused by the “Heritage Red Blend” description on the label.  Its makers so obviously wanted to call it a Meritage (a Bordeaux-style blend not made in France), but there is restricted licensing to go through before you can do that.  So I suspected that the apparently suppressed enthusiasm might show up in the wine, and it was indeed pretty good.

It was okay at first pour, but I thought it needed about 2 hours of air in a decanter to show what it had: ripe fruit of medium to dark cherry, blackberry, maybe a little raspberry, with supporting oak.  While there’s still a little “unseriousness” to the fruit, it is lighter, more reserved, and better balanced than, for example, the more fruit-bomby Hart & McGarry.  It will probably age well for a couple years.  While I’d say the H&M is overall the better wine, this wine tastes more like a Napa Cabernet or, I suppose, a Meritage.

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