Nonno Giuseppe 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Neese Vineyards Redwood Valley $5.99

Produced & Bottled by Neese Vineyards
ABV is not listed on the bottle and I cannot find it online.
Purchased: Lebanon, OR 10-20-2014

FullSizeRender 3I purchased this wine based on two factors; firstly, Bargainwhine’s positive review on the 2003 Nonno Giuseppe Zinfandel (both the Cabernet and the Zinfandel are still on the shelves at the Lebanon, OR store) and secondly, this cellartracker review. Sadly, we did not experience what the cellartracker reviewer found. However, I’m including both reviews because we could have a “one-off” bad experience, so decide for yourself if you want to try it.

The wine had the most visible bricking of any Cabernet I’ve opened. The nose was rhubarb and black fruit. Taste was predominantly (and I do mean, overwhelmingly) rhubarb. There was a faint hint of conifer resin but it was so overpowered with that “tart fighting with sour” taste that it was fleetingly noticed. There was a large amount of sediment so I used the winefiner.  Wouldn’t recommend pouring it without a strainer of some sort. Neither of us wanted more than the traditional few tasting sips; it was not at all to our tastes.

We ended up opening the Echelon Red Blend (coincidentally, I saw it still on the shelves so I’m going to post up a review of that in a bit) instead, bidding this one to the sink.

5 thoughts on “Nonno Giuseppe 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Neese Vineyards Redwood Valley $5.99

  1. EHL

    You know what, PW……when I recently returned, sans receipt, three bottles of a defective wine I had bought weeks earlier, the GO folks just scanned them through their computer and said I could either have cash or credit value applied to my next purchase…….very accommodating!

    BTW, I liked your blog photo of the fighting Hawks… do you catch those action shots…..

    1. permiesworld Post author

      I did not know that you could return without a receipt! Thank you for that info. I just assumed you’d have to have it.

      Thank you very much, re: the photography. That particular shot was taken at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. When we go birding there, we just go for the day, park (or hike if we’re somewhere where that’s allowable) and photograph what we see. Sometimes we get really lucky. It helps to have a fast, long lens too…you can catch things that are barely noticed with the naked eye. There’s been so many things we’ve seen and not been fast enough to photograph (a mountain lion juvenile and 2 different bobcats, off the top of my head) but we’ve been pretty lucky so far. It’s fun 🙂

      1. EHL

        Not too long ago, SB indicated that the GO’s computer system stores all the data on wine bottles sold, so even though a wine bought years ago may turn out to be corked, you should be able to return it for value, obviously without a receipt…..and thanks, PW, for the background info on your photo technique……..that Hawk shot was brilliant, with tremendous definition…..

  2. EHL

    Don’t forget about GO’s wine policy, PW……return it, no questions asked, and reinvest in the next interesting bottle!

    1. permiesworld Post author

      I could have. I never save the receipts. Or rather, I do save them and my cats shred them…apparently they are more fun toys than the plethora of mice, balls and string toys that I provide. lol (but yes, it’s an excellent return policy and if I were more together, I would use it)


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