Marques de Lares Brut non-vintage Cava

Spain; apparently made from Macabeo / Viura; 11.5% ABV
$7 at the Oakland, CA, store on 2 Nov

MarquesDeLares_CavaBrut_NVAt first, I thought this wine showed a bit too much candy / aspirin character, but, by the second pour, I was convinced.  It shows flavors of riper yellow apple and lemon, and some yeasty character, balanced by some green grape skin bitterness, nicely crisp acid, and exuberant carbonation.  Thumbs Up!



5 thoughts on “Marques de Lares Brut non-vintage Cava

  1. RB

    This showed up at the Olympia store last week for $5.99. I also struggled with the cork, but thankfully managed to wrestle it out. Quite tasty. Dry and refreshing.

  2. Darrell

    Lim, sometimes there are extra difficult corks no matter the pressure within the bottle and for such occasions and these arthritic hands I employ Champagne pliers. I hope you had a backup sparkler.

    1. lim13

      I’m aware of both the extra difficult corks and the pliers, Darrell. And I could have tried the vice grips that I use in such situations. But the cork had already begun to break. I had lots of backups, but none cold. Switched to a split of LH Riesling to go with our chocolate dipped strawberries instead.

      1. Darrell

        This has happened to me and I whip out a corkscrew to get the rest out which kinda wrecks the corkscrew the sparkling wine cork is so dense.

  3. lim13

    A huge disappointment. I had this well chilled to enjoy with my wife tonight for Valentine’s Day, but could not get the cork out. It’s going back to the store for an eight dollar refund. If my bottle had “exuberant carbonation”, it should have pushed the cork right out after 15 minutes of us getting it a half inch or better out of the bottle. But no luck and I had exhausted both myself and my rather lengthy list of expletives.


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