2008 Westland Lane Willamette Valley Hillside Blanc $4.99

Methven Family Vineyards (Westland Lane is their 2nd Label)
13.5% AVB
Purchased: Salem 9-27-1014

IMG_0536I’ve been putting off reviewing this wine because I cannot find any information about the blend online and given my lack of expertise with white wines, I did not want to do it an injustice. However, after extensive searching, I’m still coming up with nothing. Consequently you are going to be forced to only get my impressions…since the wine sale is coming up and this is my last GO wine left to review before the sale.

What I do know:
Methven Family Vineyards is located in Dayton, OR (between Salem & McMinnville). The wine is a white blend (composition unknown to me).

2008 was an extended vintage; harvesting still happening at Halloween. Bunches were smaller as was berry size, resulting in more concentrated wines. Tannins were higher…one wine maker said that they had to back off on extraction or the wines would have been “too structured”.

This wine is six years old and that also has been a reason I’ve been a bit reluctant to taste test it. I’m given to understand that most whites don’t age as well as their red counterparts.

Without further ado, my thoughts…
Color: Golden, pale straw
Nose: Gorgeous nose. Floral (honeysuckle, hibiscus). Fruit (passionfruit?, hint of lime).
Taste: First taste was difficult, not because the wine is bad, but it tastes so much more sweet than wine I usually drink. Here is a bit of gray area for me…I’m relatively sure it’s perceived sweetness and not actual residual sugars (however, both normally just make my jaw clench so the reaction is similar in each case). In any case, it is very fruity (more like citrus fruits…lime, nectarine…as well as pear with a bit of peach). I don’t detect any secondary layers (i.e. herbal or mineral). There’s also no offensive aftertaste. Acidity is moderate. Alcohol is not as balanced as I’d like upon first opening but after a bit of air, the wine smoothes out a bit. Still a lot of structure here though. IMO, suitable for drinking with or without food.

Overall, I don’t think it’s showing its age at all. I expect that most people would find this wine a thumbs up. Especially white wine lovers. I apologize for not being able to offer you greater insight on the varietals.

(edit: I had some trouble with the tags during an edit. I intended from the first to mark this wine as a “thumbs up” so if you saw it posted any other way, it was operator error.)

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