2011 Foppiano Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc, CA $4.99

Silverdale, WA    13.5% alc.    (Purchased on 11/6/14)

IMG_1847A number of readers mentioned this white on the blog, so thought I’d better give it a try.  I used to drink a lot of Foppiano Petite Sirahs.  In fact there’s still a bottle or two of 1981 PS lurking somewhere in my cellar.

Brilliant pale straw/golden; very fragrant and herbaceous nose of hay, grass, bell pepper, gravel and underripe pear.  In the mouth, it’s far more tart and dry than I was expecting with a slight saline quality as well.  As with the bouquet, the flavors are also herbal and grassy with grapefruit and a real lemony mid-palate through finish.  The fruit is there, but I believe the acidity is the core of this SB.  It borders on racy and cries out for fresh shellfish…particularly oysters or clams on the halfshell.  May try it with sushi tonight and report back.  A real lip-smacker.


10 thoughts on “2011 Foppiano Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc, CA $4.99

    1. seedboy

      I bought a bottle of the chard. If you are looking for a cheap version of Rombauer then have at it. I’m not.

  1. permiesworld

    I have this Ahi Tuna Tower recipe that would be killer with a nicely paired wine. Good thing I picked up one of these…might be a perfect pairing. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. RB

    I agree, this one is tasty. For me it’s one of the better GO buys to come around in a while. I got a case at sale price. There is still quite a bit of it at the Olympia store.

  3. bin5

    lim13, really? You’re hanging on to some ’81 Foppiano PS? I thought I was bad with some ’89 Inglenook PS still lurking. We should pop these open together sometime.

  4. bin5

    I found this at the Maple Valley store yesterday and really liked it a lot. It is a pretty classic California SB, very well balanced, and lim13 nails it as usual. I haven’t seen it anywhere else in the South end so first one to Maple Valley gets what’s left (a little more than a case unless they have more somewhere). Great value, see you there. Oh, by the way, there is still of the Winterhill SB there as well as some Lanson’s Black Label if you are trying to justify the drive.


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