2008 Whispering Tree Millbrandt Vineyards WA State Cabernet Sauvignon $5.99

Silverdale, WA    13.9% alc.    (Purchased on 11/6/14)

I wouldn’t normally post another wine review so quickly.  But with the sale ending for most in the next couple of hours, thought I’d get this review up.  From very reputable producer Millbrandt Vineyards…I believe this is a second label.  And I’ve enjoyed their Whispering Tree Riesling .  I’ll be reviewing their more recent vintage of that wine soon.

IMG_1852Clear deep garnet with a wonderfully fragrant nose of cedar, mint and five spice.  In the mouth, it’s medium-bodied with lighter tannins and flavors of more mint, camphor and some of the green bell pepper I’ve recently found in some of the South African Cabs or blends at Grocery Outlet.  I don’t always care for that quality, but the nose grabbed me and the flavors are integrated nicely.  The wine is well-balanced with fruit, tannin and acidity and has a really long, flavorful (although slightly bitter) finish.  I suspect it’s at its peak, as it’s drinking very nicely right now…so I wouldn’t recommend laying it down for long, if at all.  But it’s a pretty nice Cab for six bucks.  Here’s a brief video I found about the wine.  These guys are gushing a bit too much on this wine wine for me, but take it as you will.  And it’s possible that the wine they’re talking about (Columbia Valley) is not the same as this wine ( WA State).  You might want to try just one bottle first.

One thought on “2008 Whispering Tree Millbrandt Vineyards WA State Cabernet Sauvignon $5.99

  1. flitcraft

    I missed the sale entirely–being out of area–so it’s mostly unheralded wine right now at my local GOs. I thought I’d take a chance on this one, since it got a mild thumbs up from lim13 and it’s from a real winery. I have to say, though, that I couldn’t give it more than a drinkable. It’s rather light in body for a cabernet–think something to serve with lentils rather than beef. The nose is the best part of the wine, a nicely fruity aroma of plums and black cherry and cola. Yum…But the taste let me down. Not enough fruit, not enough acid, not enough tannins, not enough anything, really. Not flawed in any obvious way, but nothing more than a generic, entry level cab that I would not want to pay more than 8 bucks for at the supermarket. I really couldn’t get over the video clip of the guys falling over themselves about how terrific this wine was. I hope they don’t quit their day jobs as used car salesmen. 🙂


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