Altivo Barrel Selection 2010 Chardonnay/Viognier Finca Eugenio Bustos $3.99

World Wine HQ
13% ABV
Purchased: Corvallis, OR 11-7-2014 (during wine sale).

IMG_0705Next up is the last of my World Wine HQ bottles and the only white from them that I purchased. This is going to be a short review…”just the facts, ma’am” style.


Region: Uco Valley, Mendoza (1,050 m asl)
:Chardonnay 60% / Viognier 40% 
: 2010
: 13,0% vol.
: 5,5 g/l as Tartaric acid
Residual sugar: 
Less than 4 g/l
pH: 3,3


Fermentation: 15 days at 16 ºC in barrels and stainless steel tanks.
Maceration period
: N/A.
Malolactic Fermentation: 30%.
Aging Time: 30% of the blend in French oak barrels during 3 to 6 months.

Color is a pale yellow straw.
Nose: Pineapple, peach and there is an almost fermented pear making itself known in the fragrance.
Taste: I believe Lim would classify this as off-dry. To me (remembering that I’m super sensitive to sugars in wine) it’s just too sweet (and I’m sure it is not a sweet wine but it’s too far off dry for my palate). Initial taste is crisp and the wine shows up front with tart pears but it isn’t in the mouth for more than a couple of seconds before a sweet peach syrup intrudes. The taste & body I find to be more like a Pinot Gris than a Chardonnay. I do not taste Viognier at all (sad too, I really am fond of Viognier). The wine presents itself more like an un-oaked wine, for those who prefer that style. It tastes young and acidic on one hand and something like a peach mimosa on the other hand.

I believe Pinot Gris lovers would really enjoy this one, it’s very much in line with that style/taste. Parker gave this wine an 87 points, for those that follow his scoring.

I forgot to include Bargainwhine’s review of the 2009 version of this wine, for comparison.


One thought on “Altivo Barrel Selection 2010 Chardonnay/Viognier Finca Eugenio Bustos $3.99

  1. permiesworld Post author

    I forgot to mention that we tasted this again on day two (and again on day three). Day two was probably best…the peach syrup tasted seemed less in the forefront. It was best integrated this day showing an additional green apple taste; however it had a slight petrol aftertaste that wasn’t evident on day one. Day 3…the petrol (or chemical) taste was stronger to me…green apples still evident. Never actually drink this wine. Simply did taste testing to see how it evolved because it wasn’t to our taste.


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