Ponte Vecchio 2012 Chianti DOCG

Firenze, Italy; 12.5% ABV
$6 at the Berkeley, CA, store on 25 Nov.  Also at Richmond.

PonteVecchio_2012_ChiantiI decanted this wine and didn’t taste it for a half hour.  Even by then, it was pretty tasty, showing typical Chianti flavors of tangy riper red and tart red cherries, orange peel, some cherry pit, maybe some grape stem.  At times, I thought there was a slight “spoiled fruit” character to it, although nothing I really objected to.  The unusual thing about it was how soft and fruity it was for Chianti, so much so that it may even have been good from first pour.  While it was not totally “soft and fruity” by California standards, it definitely lacked the tannic structure I’m used to in Italian reds.  Over the next two hours, it darkened in the usual way, with redder fruits becoming more darker plum and purple grape.  I thought it was a reasonably tasty quaff for the money, but not a very substantial wine.  I’d guess it should be drunk within the next year, if not right away.


3 thoughts on “Ponte Vecchio 2012 Chianti DOCG

  1. Helen Grice Russo

    Based on your review we picked up a bottle at the Seaside, CA store. Not bad for $5 and we drank the whole bottle in one night. 🙂 My Italian husband enjoyed it so I’ll pick up more the next time I go… I thought it was more on the fruit/sweet side with less tannins than I’m used to in a Chianti, but not terribly noticeably so. Probably good with food..

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Greetings Helen and welcome! Thanks for your feedback, and I’m glad you and your husband also liked it. I’ve also considered getting more of it for immediate drinking. There seems to be plenty of it around at the stores near me. Especially if your bottle was $5 and not $6 as my bottle was, at which GO did you find it?

  2. BargainWhine Post author

    Last night when I opened this wine, I saved a single-glass screwcap bottle of it. Tonight, I opened that bottle, and it was still pretty good. It was redder and more solid and not as complex as it was the first night, tasting like a moderately aged Chianti as I guess it should, but neither had it it gone bad as I had feared it might.


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