Punto Niño 2011 Carménère Reserva

Colchagua Valley, Chile; 14% ABV;
from LaRoche Chile; imported by Wilson Daniels
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 26 Nov

PuntoNino_2011_CarmResAs regular readers know, I have a compulsion to get most of the Carménères that come through the GO.  This one doesn’t satisfy my fetish for the eccentricities of the grape, but it is really delicious.

The wine is not bad from first pour, but it has some roughness, especially on the finish, that needs about an hour in a decanter to smooth out.  And, then, how it does!  The richly textured , full-bodied fruit shows dark flavors of boysenberry / blackberry, plum, earthy chocolate, black raspberry, likely complexities of cranberry and dark roses / violets, and no green bell pepper (not that there’s anything wrong with that, IMO).  It could perhaps use a little more acid, but it is by no means flabby.  It doesn’t strike me as getting too old soon, but there’s no reason to wait to drink it.  Fans of rich, ripe, California wines, try this one!  It is not “jammy,” but I doubt it will disappoint anyone.


4 thoughts on “Punto Niño 2011 Carménère Reserva

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    I opened another bottle of this wine last night and, unlike the one reviewed above, most of it survived until tonight. (stored in a half bottle stoppered with very little air) It was initially a bit rougher and more acid than the first bottle, but after a bit of air in the glass, became smooth and nicely delineated, with a bit more typical Carménère character of black raspberry liquour and tar and perhaps even a little green bell pepper.

  2. Rockridge

    Nice meeting you in the Oakland store yesterday. The Chablis was definitely Petit. Somewhat one dimensional but still it was good to taste the steely minerality of real Chablis.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Rockridge. Usually, you have called yourself “Bill” when you comment. I do now remember when we met previously in the Oakland store, when we were deciding between the Vidal-Fleury Gigondas v. Saint-Joseph. It was nice to run into you again, and thanks for your comments in the Petit Chablis. I have been wondering whether I should go for one of those, but from what you say I think I like I will not.


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