Recuerdo 2013 Torrontés

La Rioja, Argentina; 13% ABV
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 26 Nov.  Also at Oakland on 5 Dec.

Recuerdo_2013_TorrontesThis Torrontés is unlike any other I’ve tried, but I like it!  The nose is impressively aromatic, of white and yellow: flowers, citrus, and peach.  On the palate, there’s more of the same, with the more “perfumy” aspects becoming slightly bitter (especially at a cooler temperature), with plenty of crisp acid.  The wine is very dry.  There is only a little of the usual Torrontés “fleshiness” to the mouthfeel.  I bet Lim13 would like it, although I would describe this wine as medium bodied, not of “rich extract.”  This wine would likely be excellent with seafood, although it also went well with spicy Indian yellow split pea dal.

The back label reads, in part,

This Torrontés comes from a dramatic desert vineyard located at 3, 298 feet above sea level in the north of Argentina.  …this is a crisp, dry, and intensely aromatic white wine that captures the fundamental qualities of La Rioja’s high-altitude terroir.


11 thoughts on “Recuerdo 2013 Torrontés

  1. Darrell

    Finally tried this bottle that I found in Novato. It is overwhelmingly muscat in aroma and the kids thought it should be sweeter. One daughter picked up on the muscat nose and has been trying quite a few muscat dessert wines and therefore thought it should have more sugar. Given its Muscat of Alexandria parentage, it is good that it isn’t bitter given it is fermented to dryness.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Darrell. I agree that “bitter” is not quite the word I want, but I cannot come up with a more precise description. Prior to this wine, I had also been accustomed to Torrontes being more sweet than this. Did you like the wine?

      1. Darrell

        Yes, I did like the wine, but it is unusual with that muscat character to have with a first course of fish and not dessert.

        1. lim13

          Funny, but I always expect Torrontes to have strong similarities to Muscat in nose and flavors. That’s why I always have a stash of the variety in the cellar…because it’s much easier to find relatively dry Torrontes than dry Muscat. And both dry Muscat and Torrontes go well with seafood/chicken and on their own. Guess I just have a thing for perfumed dry whites.

  2. lim13

    You most definitely had me pegged on this one, BW. I absolutely love it! Intensely perfumed, seriously fruity, yet bone dry and delicious with plenty of tangy acidity. I suspect that GO gets so many Torrontes wines because the general wine-buying public has no idea what it is or what to expect. Their loss…our gain.

      1. lim13

        I did. Bowtie pasta with homemade and very rich (with Mascarpone) Alfreddo sauce…and I would not recommend that match. But I’ve been a “bachelor” most of this week and I’m trying to clear out leftovers in the fridge before they go bad. It’s hell cooking for one! This Torrontes would be great on its own, but likely perfect with simply prepared seafood dishes too.

  3. Busted Poseur

    I found a couple bottles of this at the Oakland store today, and will buy more if I can find them – they appeared to be the last two bottles. I’ve visited the area, which is less well known than Mendoza or even Cafayate, and I’ve always liked it.


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