2012 Side by Side California Chardonnay $5.99

Vinted & Bottled by AWD Cellars, St. Helena, CA
13.5% ABV
Azalea Charities
Purchased: Corvallis, OR 11-6-2014

FullSizeRenderI previously reviewed the Side by Side Bravery Blend and found it to be a “Drinkable +”. It was a very food friendly wine that was a good price for an easy quaff/every day drinker. It wasn’t notable or spectacular but it was definitely drinkable.

However, regarding this Side by Side California Chardonnay, I do not feel the same.

Firstly, the good point…the label is still very pretty. Oh and the alcohol is relatively non-intrusive.

Color: pale lemon
Nose: Citrus with a hint of banana
Taste: First thing I noticed was the body. It is so not Chardonnay-like. I find it very thin, almost Chianti weight in its body. Flavor-wise, to me, it’s very much like what I’d expect someone’s first attempt at wine making in a garage. Fruit is over the top. Sugars taste higher than I like but it’s mainly a crazy amount of fruit-forwardness. There are no layers. No nuances. This reminds me of the old box wines that people drink just to get a buzz.


3 thoughts on “2012 Side by Side California Chardonnay $5.99

    1. permiesworld Post author

      No, actually. I can’t believe I left that out. Unfortunately the bottle is no longer. It was 2011 or 2012. (I believe the latter but if I’m at GO any time soon I will check and amend the original post.) Strike that. I just zoomed in on the photo. It’s 2012. Will amend the OP now.


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