Blackstone Limited Release 2010 Monterey County Malvasia Bianca 500 cases $6.99

Blackstone WInery (this wine isn’t listed on their website)
12% ABV
Purchased: Corvallis OR 11-7-2014

FullSizeRenderWell, this may be a red-letter day. I actually like this very sweet, white wine and it is the first time ever, that I’ve said that. Not sure what the residual sugars are, but this is definitely sweet and not just “fruit gone wild” (i.e. my Side by Side Chardonnay review yesterday). And it’s surprisingly delicious. I read Dluber’s 2009 Malvasia Bianca review and was expecting this to be another thumbs down for me (I’d already planned on using it to glaze onions for French Onion soup, but now I’m going to have to open up something else for that). I didn’t realize it was a sweet white when I bought it.

I think I like what he disliked about the 2009…that it isn’t full on Reisling-style sweetness. I like that it’s not cloying or sticky-tasting and I appreciate that it doesn’t leave a residual film in my mouth. It reminds me of perfectly ripe apples; not under-ripe and not mushy…just sweet, red apples with hints of spices that you smell in apple cider. FWIW, I wish apple cider tasted like this. I’ve always loved the fragrance but it’s too sweet for me to drink.

The nose is somewhat subdued. Apple blossoms are what I mainly detect. The color is a pale yellow straw.

I opened this wine around noon, to use in the soup, changed my mind and corked it again to open at dinner. The wine itself opened up quite a bit in 6.5 hrs. It was sweeter at dinner time so I didn’t serve it with the meal (it didn’t pair will with the French Onion soup) but I served it later with dessert. It was nice (apple pie). If I’d opened it right at dinner time, I think it would have paired amazingly well with the soup. It wasn’t nearly as sweet upon first opening.

To be honest, I’m beyond shocked that I liked this. It is out of my comfort zone for sure and I can’t drink more than half a glass before I hit sweet saturation, but it’s still a nice wine. The body was very medium weight, rich-like. The sweetness never got cloying or left any residual aftertaste. The taste of it reminds me so much of autumn cider, that I think it’s a nice winter white; so, I’m still giving it a thumbs up.

5 thoughts on “Blackstone Limited Release 2010 Monterey County Malvasia Bianca 500 cases $6.99

  1. Darrell

    There used go be a San Martin Winery owned by the Felice family and they made very good fruit wines. At the end of their tasting they poured a sweet Malvasia Bianca and that really stood out from the fruit wines. All these wines had screw caps I believe. If one eats the grapes it comes across as a Muscat. I think the Blackstone is meant to be sipped alone as you would a German Auslese or sweeter Spatlese.

    1. lim13

      The stores I worked with up here in WA used to sell San Martin apricot wine, Darrell. It was in a very distinctly shaped bottle and did indeed have a screwtop (novel for anything other than fortified “gunk” or jugs in those days) That was back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I had lost track of them and completely forgotten about it. Thanks for the memories.


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