Barossa 2011 Shiraz

Barossa Valley, Australia; 14% ABV
imported by A W Direct; cellared and bottled by Wine Trees
$6 at the Oakland, CA, store on 5 Dec

Barossa_2011_ShirazOn my last trip to the Oakland GO, the new wines that intrigued me all turned out to be imported by A W Direct.  Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the three wines I purchased were all AWD, and I left behind at least three others.  This one is quite good!

It’s pretty good soon after pouring, but with a bit more time in the glass or bottle, it gets better.  The wine shows typical Shiraz flavors, on the more red side, of dark red cherry, black raspberry / redder boysenberry, dark cranberry, at times some black fruit, and an herbal / tarry component especially in the finish.  Although slightly jammy / syrupy, it’s nicely balanced with acid in an even, integrated taste.  It’s not very tannic, so it strikes me as good for near-term drinking: quite good now and probably for the next year or so.


6 thoughts on “Barossa 2011 Shiraz

  1. permiesworld

    I picked this up the other day. Needed a Shiraz for a meal that I didn’t necc. want to use the Emigre on…agreed that it’s probably at it’s peak and was much better after time in the glass. I made the mistake of slightly chilling it (I usually very slightly chill my reds). Definitely don’t recommend that. Didn’t notice that the bottle said “serve at room temp” and it was much better when it warmed up.

      1. permiesworld

        Hi BW. It was fine. Not a lot of depth but it balanced the meal like I wanted it to. My only other experience with Australian Shiraz is the émigré. And that was such an excellent wine (IMO) and my only comparison point, that it’s hard to make a fair judgment on this one, if that makes sense. I need some more control wines from this region to set a baseline. I didn’t find anything offensive in it. Just not a whole lot of character.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi PW. AWD is an importer I noticed a while ago on a number of bottles that I had thought were quite good for the price, and which didn’t fit the pattern of being from a close-out of a particular winery. I wrote this article on them. Their wines have since had ups and downs, so I have not always continued to be as keen on them, but that is the history. Thanks for asking.


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