Seraphim 2012 Pinot Noir

Neuquén, Argentina; 14.5% ABV
imported by A W Direct, cellared and bottled by Wine Trees
$6 at the Oakland, CA store on 5 Dec

Seraphim_2012_PinotNoirOn the first night, I thought this wine needed a couple hours in a decanter to really open, showing dark red raspberry, red cherry, cola (but not cherry cola), a little Pinot funk, and some sappiness of bay leaf in the finish.

Looking this up on the Wine Trees web site, I found notes from M.S. at Wine Enthusiast:
Floral, leafy raspberry and cherry aromas lead to a creamy palate with just enough acidic cut. Rooty flavors of cola, mocha and licorice don’t offer much fruit, and the finish is sweet and candied, with a brown sugar note.

On the first night, I really didn’t get the mocha and especially licorice, but otherwise these notes were pretty much spot on.  I find this quite an unusual PN, but actually decent wine for the price.  I’ll have to see what second half is like.

On the second night, the mocha and even the licorice were definitely there, and I thought it even pretty tasty.  I’d amend M.S.’s notes to say I thought there was plenty of fruit for a lighter-bodied Pinot, including some harder, dark red cherry, and I didn’t think the finish was all that candied.  For immediate drinking, the Cima Collina at $2 more is probably the better value if you can still find it, but this Pinot will last longer.  Overall, a definitely Drinkable wine.

2 thoughts on “Seraphim 2012 Pinot Noir

  1. GOWineLover

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Just had it a few nights back with pizza. Totally fine for its price with some nice qualities. Prefer the CC and Hill versions. Worth a try.

    1. lim13

      Just curious, GOWL…I wouldn’t normally think to do Pinot with pizza (no matter whether red or white sauce)…especially the more delicate Pinots. What kind of pizza? And how’d it match up?


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