Ardimento 2013 Pinot Grigio

Provincia di Pavia IGT, (northern) Italy; 12% ABV
imported by A W Direct
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 5 Dec

Ardimento_2013_PinotGrigioWhen I tasted this, it struck me as being crisp like a Veneto Pinot Grigio, but with more ripe yellow fruit than those usually have.  It turns out that Provincia di Pavia is in northwestern Italy, on the western edge of Lombardy, bordering Piedmont.  I have no idea what Pinot Grigio from Pavia typically tastes like, but I thought this one was delicious.

The nice nose has aromas of yellow (apple, melon, lemon, and straw) and green (less ripe apple, grape, a little lime, and straw).  There’s a lot more of these flavors on the palate with plenty of acid that is crisp when cold, becoming more juicy as it warms from fridge temp.  It went nicely with white fish.  My only complaint is that the chilly rain we’ve been having is really not the right weather for it.  🙂

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