J. K.’s Scrumpy Hard Cider Farmhouse Organic “Orchard Gate Gold”

6% ABV
$5 for 22 fluid ounces (≅660ml) at the Oakland, CA, store on 5 Dec

JKs_HardCider_OrchardGateGoldIn the wine aisle, I hadn’t paid attention to this hard cider until I saw someone stocking up on it.  He said he loved it because it was the only alcoholic cider he had tasted that actually tasted like real apple cider, not just alcoholic apple juice.  He also said that he had never seen bottles of it in California, and that he knew of only two places in CA that serve it.  So I had to get a bottle.  Then I thought, heck, if Lim13 can review the Camp Jack Apple Wine, I can review this cider!

My first reaction was that in both appearance and taste, it was far more like alcoholic apple juice than it was like apple cider.  However, as we went through the bottle, it did get more oxidized and funky as I would hope for from a fermented cider.  While it certainly had more character than most alcoholic cider I’ve tasted (at least it had no grape or pear juice in it), it was still more fresh, sweet, and clear than I had hoped for from French ciders I’ve tasted.  Part of the problem was that I drank it at current Berkeley room temperature (60°F), and it would likely be better a bit cooler.

Update 21 Dec: I just saw this cider for $6.69 at the Berkeley Bowl West (grocery store), so it’s neither all that rare nor a tremendous discount.


One thought on “J. K.’s Scrumpy Hard Cider Farmhouse Organic “Orchard Gate Gold”

  1. lim13

    As soon as I got the email for review of this wine, I thought “Jeez…it’s about time somebody besides me reviewed a fermented/brewed apple product, Lambrusco, or sangria”. Made me smile too. Thanks for joining the fray, BW. : ~)


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