2012 Havoc & Mayhem Wreak Havoc McLaren Vale Grenache, Australia $6.99

Silverdale, WA    14.8% alc.    (Purchased on 12/17/14)

IMG_1931Color & Clarity: Brilliant pale ruby with a pinkish rim (more Pinot-like than Grenache)

Aromas: Smoke, green olive and raspberry (the raspberry should be more pronounced, in my opinion)

Flavors: “Sweet” fruit and oak with more raspberry (see comment above about raspberry…ditto); earth and white pepper too

Texture: Medium tannins and a bit of heat from the slightly elevated alcohol

Finish: Medium length finish with more heat and very slight bitterness.

Note: Had to use a serrated knife to cut around the Stelvin closure (screwtop) in order to open this bottle.  I really dislike that!  These proprietary names on Australian wines kill me.  This wine does not “wreak havoc”!

Afterthought: This Grenache is much, much better with food…even the Chinese sausage fried rice that I had it with (perhaps the salt in the soy sauce contributed, as salt will soften the tannins and often bring out the fruit in any red wine).  I could actually taste the raspberry flavors with the food.


5 thoughts on “2012 Havoc & Mayhem Wreak Havoc McLaren Vale Grenache, Australia $6.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    This Grenache was far more varietal…pure raspberry flavors on day 3. Though the slight bitterness and heat detract more from the overall experience.

  2. Darrell

    Hmmm, lop cheong ( eo is a dipthong, hence one syllable) and Grenache. There’s a lop cheong pasta carbonara I have been waiting to try.

      1. Darrell

        While they are a bit sweet, that sugar would dissolve out and dilute into what ever starch you are using and wouldn’t be too noticeable. Maybe an off-dry white would be better. Quite possibly the sweetness of the lop cheong brought that raspberry of the Grenache.

      2. lim13 Post author

        I’ve been making my own chinese sausage fried rice since the first time I had it in a restaurant about 25 years ago. For us, it’s a special treat; I only make it about once or twice a year because it’s so fatty…but has flavors oh so unique. I cut it up into very small pieces and then fry it up until it’s almost crisp before adding the cooked rice and veggies with soy sauce and a little sesame oil. By the time everything is in there with the well fried sausage, the sausage no longer tastes noticeably sweet. It’s really more fruity, which is likely why a fruity Grenache or similar red seems to go so well with it.


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