Mission Ines 2013 Sauvignon Blanc

California; 13.0% ABV
$4 at the Oakland, CA, store on 18 Dec

MissionInes_2013_SauvBlancWhen I went to the Oakland store recently, all the new wines I found interesting were white, almost all Sauvignon Blancs.  Bear with me while I drink through them and, for reds, I got more of the Bertrand 2008 Tautavel.  🙂  This SB intrigued me with the low-key label, the tasty-sound description on the back, and the low price.  Maybe we had a real winner here!  While I could see this many folks being enthusiastic about it, I doubt it would satisfy the purists around here who like crisp and structured Sauvignon Blancs, myself apparently now included.

Right away, the wine shows an enticing nose of white and yellow flowers, yellow apple, yellow and green melon, and slight grassiness.  On the palate, there’s more of the same in a softly textured, slightly heavy body, with no discernible oak.  I would guess it’s on the sweeter end of dry, perhaps slightly off-dry.  The slight sweetness and heaviness is reasonably balanced with acid and a slightly “liquidy” character in an even, modestly complex taste.  However, the acid is far from crisp.  The style actually reminds me more of a riper Chardonnay, but with flavors that are unmistakably Sauvignon Blanc.  I would call this a pretty tasty quaffer, probably to go with cooked seafood or on its own.  It did not really stand up to the squid and bacon with capers over rice I had for dinner.  (I had a Beaujolais, a lighter red, instead.)

For what it’s worth, the back label reads, “Inviting citrus and floral aromas lead to elegant flavors of Asian pear and white peach.  Pairs with grilled fish, fried shrimp, and green salads.”    I can agree with Asian pear, but not so much with citrus and white peach, and there are definitely green flavors (melon, grass) that the label does not mention.

The next day, the wine was pretty much the same.


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