2013 Imbasa Western Cape Grenache/Shiraz, South Africa $5.99

Silverdale, WA     14.4% alc.    90% Grenache 10% Shiraz     (Purchased on 12/17/14)

Color & Clarity: Brilliant medium ruby.

IMG_1932Aromas: When first opened and poured, sulfur and funky aromas permeated the nose, but most blows off after about 20-30 minutes and then gives way to black raspberry, dark plum and sweet floral aromas like hyacinth along with a bit of persistent funk.

Flavors: The flavors show more black raspberry and dark plum along with lighter, fruitier and more tart red raspberry, earth and perhaps a little menthol and licorice.

Texture:   In the mouth it’s quite tart with fairly high acidity and light tannins; medium body.

Finish: Finish rounds out and is fairly long with a bit of heat and plenty of flavor and fruit.

Reader EHL briefly discussed this wine and said, “Tried it last night with a close friend and we were both very favorably impressed……upon opening, aromatic notes of raspberry and plum greet the nose, followed by a smooth and delicious, medium-bodied wine with nice acidity and balance. It only got better as it breathed.”

I concur.  I wasn’t terribly impressed when I first opened it.  But about 60-90 minutes later it was full-fruited and delicious.  Similar in some respects to the Havoc & Mayhem Australian Grenache I recently reviewed.  But of the two, I much prefer this one.


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