2012 Michel-Schlumberger La Bise Dry Creek Valley Pinot Blanc, CA $4.99

IMG_1928Silverdale, WA    12.9%alc.    (Purchased on 12/17/14)    Benchland Wine Estate Back label says this wine is unoaked.

Color & Clarity: Brilliant pale straw
Aromas: Earthy, minerally nose with restrained pear fruit
Flavors: Flavors of underripe pear, lemon and flintstone minerality
Texture/Body: Austere, old world style with tart acidity and medium body
Finish: Fairly long finish with the wine showing more fruit here than at front or mid-palate

A decent rendition of Alsatian style Pinot Blanc with a certain richness, but more mineral qualities than fruit.  And the alcohol is lower than most Alsatians, which I like.  Food wine for sure.  This is the first Michel-Schlumberger wine I’ve seen in my local GO’s.  Not a barnbuster, but a serviceable white from a variety we see little of at GO or elsewhere.  Selling on the winery’s website for $24.00, which I feel is ridiculous.  Obviously, five bucks is way better!  You can check the Cellartracker reviews here.


4 thoughts on “2012 Michel-Schlumberger La Bise Dry Creek Valley Pinot Blanc, CA $4.99

  1. Seedboy

    They definitely buy direct from wineries. I do not know if it requires a wink and a nod from someone in distribution. I remember once the GO bought the rest of lot of wines from a winery that no longer exists, these wines were behind vintage and needed to move. However, at the winery, the guy with the forklift loaded their entire current vintage into the truck and sent it to the GO. Wine was delicious and a bargain.

  2. Kevon Andersen

    I saw this wine at a GO in Florence, OR, but didn’t buy it, even though it was only $5. Visiting relatives in Dallas last week, I saw this wine at Spec’s for about $20. They don’t have GO’s in Texas. I really like this site, a big help in helping me choose. I do have a quick question. In CA, can GO buy close-outs direct from the wineries? I was told by someone at the GO in Florence that Oregon doesn’t allow them to, that they have to get it from distributors. One less layer would certainly keep the costs lower.

    1. Darrell

      I do believe that there are direct purchases from the wineries, at least at the store level. Hmmm, Florence, OR makes my mouth water due to Roosevelt venison.

    2. lim13 Post author

      Hey! Welcome, Kevon. Thanks for your comments. Let’s hear more from you. Correct…no GO’s in Texas. Our blog founder moved there for grad school and was sorry to have to leave for a non-GO state. Well, I might be overstating that a bit. But he’s back in Oregon now. I know up here in WA, even though the state was removed from the liquor business, the three tier distribution system still reigns. All wines come through distributors…theoretically and legally, anyway. Hmmmm.


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