Bubbly For New Year’s Eve?

I expect that some of our readers may be looking for a reasonably priced bottle or two of bubbly for mid-week celebrations.  So my wife and I (with champagne flutes in hand) dropped in at the Silverdale GO on Saturday for Stan’s sparkling wine tasting.  We tasted eight wines and here’s a brief rundown of what I found.  And BTW, if you’d like to learn a little more about sparkling wine/Champagne production, check out this simple primer and/or this more thorough Wiki explanation.

  • Masquerade Prosecco (Italy): Very tasty fruitier style with excellent bubble.  I reviewed it here 2 years ago.  But because it’s non-vintage, who knows if it’s the same wine.  Comparing notes, it seems like it may be a different bottling (which would be preferable to a bubbly sitting in some warehouse for 2 years!).  $7.99  Thumbs Up
  • Natale Verga Prosecco (Italy): More lemony and austere in style than the Masquerade; with reasonably fine bubbles.  $6.99  Thumbs Up
  • Pol Remy Brut Rose (France): A brownish tint in its salmon color.  Slightly sweet with definite oxidation in the nose and flavors.  IMO, to be avoided!  $6.99  Thumbs Down
  • Dom Pierre Brut (CA): Says brut, but I don’t believe it.  Tastes slightly sweet and fruity and has decent bubble.  Very quaffable without food or with appys.  Would work great for that midnight toast with the gang.  From Lodi-Woodbridge Wines.  $6.99  Thumbs Up  (even though I’m distressed by the name they gave it, so it appears to be French and similar to its more famous $100+ a bottle “counterpart” Dom Perignon).
  • Lanson’s Brut Champagne (France): Though I never did post a review of this wine, I believe I gently raved about it elsewhere on the blog.  This was the only “real thing” that we tasted on this afternoon.  My opinion hasn’t changed.  Bone dry and steely with tons of bubble and an excellent mousse; yeasty nose and flavors.  Easily the best and most refined of this group…by far.  But if you don’t like dry…steer clear!  $19.99 which is half the price you’ll spend for true Champagne elsewhere.  Hey!  It’s New year’s Eve…go for it if you can find it.  Only about two cases left at Silverdale as of Saturday night.  Big Thumbs Up
  • Ca’ Momi Ca’ Secco (CA): Napa vinted and bottled.  Great bubble and mousse.  Just off dry and on the fruity side.  Not bad for what it is….apparently a grab bag of five or more grape varieties.  The GO label is different from the one noted in my link above.  $5.99  Thumbs Up
  • Beringer Pink Moscato (CA): Also comes in red and white Moscatos.  Sweet and cloying; only fair bubble…more like a bad frizzante’.  If tasted blind, I’d have trouble identifying this as Muscat.  No redeeming value…even at $2.99.  Thumbs Down
  • Masquerade Moscato (Italy): Same folks who brought you the first wine (Prosecco) above.  Sweet like Asti Spumante with excellent Muscat flavors and decent bubble; perfect with fruit, nuts, cheeses or as dessert.  $5.99  Thumbs Up

By the way, you may also want to consider the following selections that were previously reviewed by BargainWhine and are still available in some GO’s:

Got a bubbly from GO that you’ve recently tried?  How about sharing your take on it here for the benefit of our readers.  And please let us know in which GO you found it…and the price.



7 thoughts on “Bubbly For New Year’s Eve?

  1. permiesworld

    OOC, of all of them that you reviewed, as well as the ones you linked to, which was your favorite? (I guess I mean, aside from the Lanson, given that was the only one you said “big thumbs up” to)

    1. lim13 Post author

      That’s kind of a tough call, PW…because I’d prefer certain wines for certain occasions i.e. with or without food. I’d be happy with either of the CA sparklers, though my wife and I both enjoyed the Dom Pierre from Woodbridge. The Ca’ Momi was interesting due to the strange blend of grapes in a bubbly. But it tasted better than I expected too. And if you’re trying to decide for yourself (should you see any of these down your way), I know you prefer the drier wines. So then I’d likely go with the Natale Verga Prosecco. So…how’d I do at skirtin’ the question?

      1. permiesworld

        lol! Nicely done. I didn’t see any of that around here. We have the Dom Pierre, Pol Remy, Masquerade and I believe the Ca’ Momi. Guess I’ll stick with the Cava I have on hand. Thanks!

  2. RB

    Thanks for the nice round up, Lim13. I plan on cracking open a bottle of the Lanson Rose’ that I’ve had for a bit. The Olympia store still has both the Brut (black label) and the Rose’ (at $24.99) in stock.

    1. lim13 Post author

      You’re quite welcome, RB. So the Lanson Brut is $19.99, but the rose’ is $24.99? Wish we had seen the rose’ here in Kitsap. Guess I’ll just have to make due with the Brut. I bought a couple more jars of the GO $2.99 Icelandic caviar to go with the Champagne too. It’s great mixed with cream cheese and spread on crackers. A classic combo…Champagne and caviar.


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