Mayerdale Syrah-Merlot 2011 $9.99

Garnier Vineyards, Hood River, OR (SRP $22)
ABV 13.7%
Purchased: Salem, OR 11-5-2014

IMG_0921I bought this during the wine sale but, as far as I know, it’s still available at the Salem store. I think I remember it being at the Albany store as well.

I think I can see what they were trying to do with this wine (it feels like they were trying to go with a more old world style), but I’m not sure they succeeded. It’s 60% Merlot, 40% Syrah.

While it is a smooth, somewhat black-peppery blend, it isn’t cohesive to me. In the mouth it feels like a Merlot that didn’t quite end up a Merlot or a Syrah that has the wrong body/mouthfeel. No unified expression.

Nose: lovely nose…spicy, black fruit…draws you in
Body: a little too light for my personal preferences, especially with a predominantly Merlot wine. I expect a certain weight with the smell and taste of Merlot and am not finding satisfaction here.
Taste: lower acidity, moderately dry (almost flat tasting), smooth but not silky, black pepper, black fruit, cherry & slight alcohol heat. (edit: I forgot to mention…a slight bit of aspirin aftertaste.) Not much in the way of dimensionality. I suspect it was $9.99 because it’s a local vineyard wine but normally I’d put this style in the $4.99 GO range.

It’s not bad. It would pair fine with food but it’s not something I would buy again. While I found the 2009 Mayerdale Pinot Noir interestingly nuanced, this one has nothing to draw me back.


3 thoughts on “Mayerdale Syrah-Merlot 2011 $9.99

  1. permiesworld Post author

    Just as an update, this was better on day two. It seemed more like a unified wine than the night before. It also was much better with food than without. We just had Chinese takeaway but it was good with dinner. So if you do have a bottle of this, some air, definitely helps.

  2. lim13

    What initially caught my eye in the photo with your post, PW…was the “est. 1910” on the label. Got me wondering because I thought the only 100+ year old vineyard in the gorge area of northeastern Oregon is owned by an old acquaintence, vineyardist and winery owner Lonnie Wright of The Pines 1852 winery in The Dalles. So I Googled Mayerdale Vineyard and found this. Seems the estate was there, but not the vineyards or winemaking. Strikes me as a bit misleading on the part of the current winery. However, it is kind of an odd and amusing story about the estate…especially for me, who was New Jersey born and raised. And that’s SOUTH Jersey (nothing like north Jersey)!

    1. permiesworld Post author

      Interesting. I never even caught that. And I’ve seen that a few times recently (not just in the wine world either…oddly enough with a guitar maker who bought a brand and used the originals dates for credibility). I agree, it is very misleading, given that the vineyard was just planted in 2002. I’ve never tried any wine from the Pines. I’ll have to keep a lookout…


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