Calini Prosecco DOC Treviso $3.99

Calini Wines ERV $14.49
11% ABV
Purchased: Albany, GO 11-6-2015

FullSizeRenderI almost didn’t buy this, based on the very poor review of the Calini Chianti Bargainwhine posted earlier this week. However, I thought it was a slim chance to have a completely different wine with oxidation issues, so I decided to go ahead. After all, Mimosas are so doable with sparkling wine if it’s terrible.

I like Prosecco. This one said extra-dry. Two things in its favor. However, the grape varietal is Moscato and we’ve never seen eye to eye; mostly because all of the Moscato wines I’ve tasted are uber sweet. So this one interested me…and for $3.99, can’t lose to do a taste test.

Color: Very pale gold
Nose: Floral, tropical
Body: Very nice for sparkling wine. Not heavy. Crisp. Moderate amount of bubbles. Bright acidity.
Taste: Tropical fruits, apricot, pineapple, hint of apple and a bit of minerality. There’s also a taste I’m unfamiliar with (I’m guessing because I avoid Moscato, it probably has to do with the varietal itself). The perceived sweetness is sweeter than the dry Cava I’ve been drinking of late, so apparently extra-dry Moscato does not taste as bone dry as dry Cava. However it’s not a sweet wine. It’s quite nice. Refreshing.

To be honest, it’s very balanced. Not too many bubbles, not too much fruit, not too much sugar, not too much (or too little) acidity and it’s not overly dry for those that don’t like super dry. It’s hard to go wrong with this one at $4.


5 thoughts on “Calini Prosecco DOC Treviso $3.99

  1. permiesworld Post author

    We had this wine again last night….we’ve been doing a series of light breakfast suppers, due to the warmer weather. I still think it was an excellent deal. It’s very minerally. In comparison to the Cantare Prosecco (also GO wine, although I find no reviews on it here…odd, I thought one was written) that we had tonight, the Calini was much drier and like I said, more minerally while the Cantare is crisp apple/slightly sweet. I don’t usually find Prosecco very expensive, but $3.99 was a bargain. I really favor this one. Wish I’d bought more…it hung around for a while at one of our stores.

    1. permiesworld Post author

      Just to further elaborate, sparkling wines have this basis for their ratings:

      Rating Sugar content (grams per litre)
      Brut Nature (no added sugar): 0–3
      Extra Brut: 0–6
      Brut: 0–12
      Extra Dry, Extra Sec, Extra seco: 12–17
      Dry, Sec, Seco: 17–32
      Demi-sec, Semi-seco: 32–50
      Doux, Sweet, Dulce: 50+

      But sugars can differ up to 3 grams per litre from the label. So there can be variations even under the same label.

  2. lim13

    The wine sounds interesting, PW…but I’m a bit confused by the Calini link you provided. I see that they identify the grapes used as Muscat/Moscato, but I was of the impression that only Glera (also known as Prosecco) grapes could be used in the production of Prosecco. I’m wondering if maybe Classique Wine & Spirits screwed up the info.

    1. permiesworld Post author

      You know, I looked that up too because I thought that Asti was the only sparkling Moscato. But they do seem to call that one “Moscato Prosecco Asti”. I’m wondering if the importers left off the Asti? I don’t know. The bottle doesn’t show the varietal but that’s unsurprising. So many of the imports don’t, they just assume you know.

      It doesn’t taste like the Kirkland Fruili Prosecco that we bought this year. The fruit tastes very different but that could just be a regional thing. I’m guessing you are right and it’s mislabeled somewhere. If you see it, pick one up and compare it to the Moscato sparkler than you recently tried. Like I said, I avoid the varietal in general so I’m unlikely to know if it is or isn’t…

      This is the only other link I found online and they don’t list the varietal.

      I also saw this…

      That’s why I didn’t question it. However, I liked it so chances are, it’s probably mislabeled and not Moscato at all. LOL!!


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