NV Gran Baron Brut Cava, Penedes, Spain $7.99

Silverdale, WA    11.5% alc.    (Purchased on 12/27/14)
40% Xarello 30% Macabeo 30% Parallada

IMG_1973Color & Clarity: Brilliant pale straw with excellent color and clarity; steady, but rather slow bubble stream .
Aromas: Very pleasant nose of grapefruit, lemon and pear…more fruit forward than yeasty.
Flavors: Very nice effervescense in the mouth when served ice cold; quite sparkly and alive; flavors of lemon/lime, green apple and more grapefruit and pear, just like the aromas.
Texture: Light and lilting with excellent acidity that perfectly cut right through our truffle and porcini gnocchi with a rich creamy alfreddo sauce with ham, mushrooms, peas, carrots and soy beans.
Finish: Any yeastiness shows up with a touch of toasted almond in the fairly long, lemony  finish. Very flavorful and refreshing.




One thought on “NV Gran Baron Brut Cava, Penedes, Spain $7.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    Oddly enough, the bottle we had this evening was far more yeasty, but perfectly balanced with the grapefruit, lemon and pear I found in the last bottle. Still an excellent Cava that this time went extremely well with our extra small Kumamoto oysters three ways (fresh with lime and hot sauce, baked with butter, breadcrumbs and Cajun seasoning and pan fried).


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