Antaño 2009 Crianza

made from 85% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, 5% Mazuelo (Carignan); 14% ABV
produced by Garcia Carrion in Rioja DOCa, Spain
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 29 Dec

IMG_1380I’ve thought reasonably well of a couple Antaño wines before, so I happily bought this wine.  It’s also pretty good, but be sure to drink it up right away, preferably in one night.

In contrast to my usual, “this wine is so much better if you wait intolerably long,” here I say pour and drink up.  If it lasts in a decanter for about 1:45, the fruit does get darker and more tarry, but it’s quite tasty right away.  It gives tangy, earthy, flavors of plum, blackberry, hibiscus tea, tar, and cherry, with strong caramel / raisin.  Unfortunately, it also has a slight bit of that tang that says the wine is getting too old.  The fruit is nicely rich and ripe, and body smooth and reasonably full, and there is a nice aged character to it.  I decanted this wine off a decent amount of sediment, but the dregs were also quite tasty, so I conclude decanting, like airing, is unnecessary for this wine.

The next day, the saved single-glass screwcap bottle of wine showed the over-the-hill flavor much more strongly, and the wine was distinctly less pleasant.  So, if you’re going to open the bottle and drink the whole thing, I could easily give this wine a Thumbs Up.  However, its being a little too old makes me give it Drinkable.


4 thoughts on “Antaño 2009 Crianza

    1. Darrell

      As a sommelier you might know how Spanish wineries allocate red wines for aging. There must be different wines for ageing Crianza as opposed a Reserva. To me an ’09 red wine just isn’t old but then again I don’t drink Spanish wines.

  1. RichKoz

    I agree with BargainWhine’s review. This wine’s maturity probably peaked a year ago, however the quality of the intrinsic wine is high and it would be worth trying to sample the merits of a great Crianza.


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