2006 Eagle Eye Napa Valley Voluptuous Red Table Wine, CA $8.99

Silverdale, WA    14.6% alc.    (Purchased on 1/23/15)
34.8% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24.9% Merlot, 13.9% Cabernet Franc, 13.9% Syrah, 8.3% Petit Verdot and 4.2% Zinfandel

After weeks of passing this by because of the label, I decided to plunge in and try a bottle after rgardner2 and 5-Star Bar mentioned it.  I’m delighted that I did.  I heartily concur with 5-Star Bar’s analysis about this New World style red blend.  You can check out the Eagle Eye website here.  Just before posting this, I saw Joel’s comment about thinking this wine was “over the hill”.  I didn’t find that, but perhaps we have another example of bottle variation.

IMG_1980Color & Clarity: Pours opaque deep ruby/garnet.

Aromas: nose of black plum, cassis, cocoa and a touch of subtle red fruit (acidity).

Flavors: Fruit forward.  Flavors show more dark plum and cassis with cedar, earth and tar; really fine balance of fruit, tannins, acidity and very well-integrated light oak.

Texture: Thick, rich, lush and viscous in the mouth with firm, but manageable tannins.

Finish: Quite long and very flavorful.  A wine that is definitely the sum of its parts.  The minority addition of Syrah, Petit Verdot and Zin provide more fruit and substance to the Bordeaux varieties.  Quite delicious and substantial.  Voluptuous describes it pretty well.  A big thumbs up from me too!


10 thoughts on “2006 Eagle Eye Napa Valley Voluptuous Red Table Wine, CA $8.99

  1. lim13 Post author

    I’m posting this here as an excerpt from a comment recently made by 5-Star Bar in What’s New:
    “I opened a bottle of the 2006 Eagle Eye Voluptuous, then put it back in a wine box and forgot about it for couple of weeks. When I ran across it looking through a wine box I was sure it would be spoiled. I decided to give it one final sip before pouring it down the drain and, much to my astonishment, it remained pleasant and eminently drinkable…” You can read the rest of his comments here.

  2. flitcraft

    Like others, I too, passed this one by, thinking it another one of the stream of too sweet fruit bombs that line the shelves of GO. Sorry that I did, now, since it’s gone from my local GOs. I did a quick online search–their story has an interesting twist. It’s the usual “we decided to jack in our careers and become winemakers” story that typically ends in tears and recriminations. The winery consists of a husband and wife wine-making team–she designs the labels. (No comment…) They released their first wine in 2004, and the following year, they lost all of their future releases in a catastrophic fire in the warehouse they were using. Luckily, he did have insurance. Having to break the news to his wife that everything they’d worked for had been destroyed, the husband told her, “We never sold so much wine in one day, with not a penny of marketing costs.” Can’t help but root for folks like that, and I do hope that their wine ending up at GO isn’t a sign of anything worse than that it’s too old to sell via their website.

    1. lim13 Post author

      Good information, flitcraft. Got a chuckle out of “husband and wife wine-making team–she designs the labels. (No comment…)”. And their website says they’re still selling this wine for 25 bucks a pop.

  3. Seedboy

    Berkeley should still have a few bottles of this. I’ll leave them on the shelf for those who like the big fruit wines more than I do.

  4. lim13 Post author

    To rgardner2: If you tried a bottle of this wine, please check in and let us know how yours tasted. Last night, we drank all but the last few ounces and found no sediment…so far.

  5. Expat

    I passed on this when it was in our stores because of that ridiculous label and sweet sounding description. Don’t see it on the Central Coast anymore and now I’m bummed.

  6. BargainWhine

    Thanks for following up on comments and trying this one. Wine guys at two stores tried to tell me it was pretty good, but I could never get past the back label. It described the wine as fruit-forward and soft, which sounded like the sort of wine I would dislike.

      1. lim13 Post author

        Thanks Joel. Finding previous comments in Guest Contributions (and What’s New), like my memory, can be a real challenge. I’ve added a link (in your comment above) to your review. I’d really appreciate hearing from others who may try or have tried this wine. I really wish the search function worked for GC and WN.


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