Caminetto 2013 Primitivo

Salento IGT, Apulia, Italy; 13% ABV
$8 at the Oakland, CA, store on 13 Jan

I’ve been sick for just over a week now.  Although the worst of this cold was a week ago, I am still not quite well.  This was a bottle I opened and drank before I fell ill.  I didn’t take any notes, not expecting it would be so long before I wrote anything about it.  I’ll write my best recollections, but I’ll leave it for everyone else here to fill in the details.  I hope to be back to drinking and writing very soon.

IMG_1376I’ve often enjoyed Italian Primitivo as a tasty contrast to the Californian styles of making wine from the Zinfandel grape.  So when I saw this wine, with it’s lovely label, I went right for it despite a slightly higher price.  It was indeed a very nice contrast.  Instead of being heavy and jammy, this wine was smooth and very evenly balanced.  Although it showed gently textured ripe fruit of (I think) black cherry, boysenberry, and maybe mulberry, it was not syrupy at all.  While quite tasty right away, I thought it needed a few hours in a decanter to air and meld into a modestly complex wine.  However, even though it was tasty, it seemed to promise more than it delivered.  I suspected that it’s still a bit young and that it might be better after a few more years of age in cool storage.  Did anyone leave any to see what it was like the next day?


2 thoughts on “Caminetto 2013 Primitivo

  1. Ruddy

    My wife just picked this up as a lark at the Auburn, CA store. It has an initial “red oak bite” which I like and usually associate with the finish of a Petite Sirah. I cannot really discern any other flavors, but it is very nicely balanced and easy to drink. Will be getting more If I can find it.

  2. theconnasewer

    The 2013 Caminetto Primitivo is an excellent zin for all intents and purposes. Certainly a bargain for $8. No need to wax poetic over this. Nice friut and finish. Period. And it could us a bit of bottle ageing to see how it develops. Buy three (or more!), drink one and rest the remained.


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