Risorgimento 2013 Barbera D’Asti

Barbera D’Asti DOCG, Piedmont, Italy; 13% ABV
$10 at the Oakland, CA, store on 13 Jan

IMG_1378Lim13 and I liked the Risorgimento 2010 Barbaresco reasonably well, and this was a Barbera d’Asti, a designation I’ve liked a lot before, so I went for this bottle despite the higher price for the GO.  Seedboy wrote that this wine “tastes sweet and simple to me.”  I don’t completely agree, but I’m not super thrilled with it, either.

I thought the wine needed two hours in a decanter to get past the “sweet and simple” aspect.  Then, it showed medium-bodied tangy, ripe / tart fruit of purple cherry / maybe plum, red cherry, and cherry pit / wood, in a nicely delineated taste.  It was reasonably tasty, but never all that complex or substantial.  I would price this at about $12 at a good wine store, making it a bit overpriced for the GO.

The next day, the saved single-glass screw cap bottle was much the same.


2 thoughts on “Risorgimento 2013 Barbera D’Asti

  1. Expat

    I just picked this up at the San Luis Obispo grossout for $5. Looking forward to trying it when my alcohol fast is over. No lofty expectations – a decent, Italian wine for $5 is all I’m asking for.


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