Santa Rita 2011 Carménère “120”

Central Valley, Chile; 13.5% ABV
$5 at the Oakland, CA, store on 20 Jan

IMG_1386[1]Right away, the nose and palate show cherry candy fruit and strong bell pepper / sulfur / acrid rubber.  Over the next two hours or so in a decanter, the fruit does gain in darkness and depth, showing typical Carménère blackberry, raspberry liqueur and creosote, in a sweetly ripe fuller body.  However, it is still badly marred by the same off flavors that never really air out.  This unfortunately is a Thumbs Down.

The next evening, the saved half bottle (stoppered with very little air) didn’t smell so objectionable, but the palate was perhaps worse, tasting more like blackened rubber.  So, um, no change in the judgement.

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