St. George 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

“Coastal California”; 12.5% ABV
$5 at the Oakland, CA store on 20 Jan

IMG_1383[1]This apparently came into Oakland as part of some mixed cases, maybe about a case’s worth total, so it’s probably not something most folks will see.  But that’s fine; you haven’t missed much.

The wine pours a brilliant light ruby with pretty bricking at the edges.  At first, the wine shows only simple, sweet cherry fruit in a lighter medium body.  However, after an hour in a decanter, it shows a more complex palate of the same ripely sweet red cherry, slightly raisiny (and perhaps slightly spoiled) red table grape, a little blackberry / blackcurrant, a trace of black licorice, and earthy dried orange peel, finishing with bitterness of grape stem / dried raspberry leaf.   For my taste, the fruit is a bit too much one the candy-like side, and the red table grape in a Cab is a bit weird.  It could perhaps be interesting if you especially like well-aged wines, but otherwise I wouldn’t especially recommend it.


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