2 Amigos 2012 Albariño

Rias Baixas DO, Spain; a Wine Wave selection
un-oaked; 13% ABV; screw cap
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 29 Jan

IMG_1392[1]After looking past this wine’s corny name and label, a recent-vintage Albariño from Rias Baixas DO, (northwest) Spain, in a screw capped bottle, seemed rather promising.  Indeed it was.

The wine tasted of floral, yellow citrus (lemon / yellow grapefruit) fruit and pith (to steal the term from Lim13), with some minerality, a good amount of acid and a little of Albariño’s characteristic bitterness.  It’s certainly tasty and easy to drink.  I would put it on the high end of “quaffer” and perhaps slightly higher.

The next day, the last bit in the bottle (re-capped, kept in the fridge) was less minerally, more forwardly fruity, still yummy.

3 thoughts on “2 Amigos 2012 Albariño

  1. cawinediva2015ca

    Finally found this at the poor little Vallejo store. The buyer doesn’t care much about wine there. Rarely does a wine from your great blog show up there. We travel to Vallejo twice a month, and always check it out.
    This was actually a great Albarino for the price. I wish we had gotten more. It’s perfect summer wine.
    Within the next year we should have our new GO here in Napa. Hopefully they will put a buyer in that knows and loves wine. I’ll keep you posted!

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi CAWineDiva. I’m glad you found and liked this wine. I’m interested and somewhat amused that there will be a GO in Napa, although I guess it’s not that different than there being a GO in, say, Santa Rosa.


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