Leto 2012 Varozza Vineyard Chardonnay

St. Helena, Napa Valley, CA; 14.3% ABV
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 10 Feb

Leto_2012_ChardThis wine, from a specific vineyard in Napa in a riper year, seemed promising.  It is indeed pretty good for the price.

On the first night, the nose is a underwhelming.  The palate is also a little muted but pretty tasty, showing typical Chardonnay flavors of yellow apple, lemon, a little pear, and vanilla, in a gently viscous body.  I thought warming it up a bit from fridge temp allowed the flavors to come forth better.

The next day, I preferred how the fruit and the acid were more forward, and the body less viscous.  The wine is still nicely smooth, even, and pleasantly complex.  Thumbs Up.


8 thoughts on “Leto 2012 Varozza Vineyard Chardonnay

  1. Darrell

    Just picked up this bottle and was going to comment under GC, but BW beat me. There is a great packaging effort with this Chardonnay and it’s too bad that it has ended up at GO. This is the first bottle I have found at GO with a near 2″ whole cork and the ends are branded with the vintage also something one finds with higher end French bottlings. The vineyard is located in the warmer, upper Napa Valley where not much acreage is devoted to the variety. The back label says there were only 380 cases produced. This a 2012 and still reeks of fermentation bouquet which tends to cover up what the potential might be. Adding to what BW says, I don’t get lemon but I do get some pineapple not in a Botrytis way. There’s wood in the nose. Flavors are clean and decent enough acid. There are definite oak flavors, not exceedingly so, at least not yet. I bought some and will hold until some of the fruity, estery aromas blow over. Funny thing that I bought one bottle to try, returned to buy what the store had on the shelf a couple days later and all that was left were 11 bottles. Did the store just get one case?

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Darrell. Thanks for your comments. When I got this at the Richmond store, the open case I picked it from was on top of three, maybe four, other cases, and usually that means the cases below it are the same wine. I didn’t check, though. Is that where you got your bottles?

      1. Darrell

        You might want to shop around for this bottle unless you don’t mind being nickel and dollared. There is a West Bay GO store charging a buck more at $7 for the bottle. This might be a good indicator of the quality in this bottle.

        1. Don Bevins

          It is still around at the Roseville and Greenhaven stores. Also of note at Rocklin is the Shannon Ridge 2012 High Elevation Chardonnay. I bought some of the Beachouse Chardonnay from South Africa. Everything screamed “Don’t” but it seems to have good reviews. Stay tuned. Lots of the Kimmel left. Good stuff.


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